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Omega Wars MOD APK 1.18.0


Omega Wars: Champions of the Galaxy MOD is a new Android strategy game developed and published by Ludare Games Group Inc. At first glance, I could tell this game was very much like Clash Royale MOD APK, but I truly loved the uniqueness of this game, the characters, battle system, and many other things. I am totally addicted to this game now.

In the game you will play with your favorite cards, you can gain cards by unlocking chests through buying them from the store using gems, or winning battles. The cards come in different rarities and the rarest cards are hardest to find.

All characters in the game are unique and have their own powers, some cards will be useful in certain situations, so you need to create your deck with a good combination of cards, just because its a common card does not mean it is useless and a rare card is not always useful because sometime when you are fighting in the arena the common card could defeat the rare card.

Enjoy the real-time 1vs1 2vs2 battles and as well as PVP battles in the game, you can fight with trainers just to master your skills. You can later join clans to have friendly battles and chat with other players around the world.

Complete achievements to collect gems in the game and use them to upgrade your cards, once you get the same cards over and over you will be able to upgrade them to make them more powerful.

Craft and unlock special abilities in the game as well. Team up with your friends in 2V2 battles as well, there are many more features in the game you can read about it all on their play store page.

In this Modded Version of the game, deploying troops in the arena will not cost you crystals, so you can drop as many troops as you want for free and get easy wins. Do not make it so obvious for your opponent to know that you are cheating or else you might get banned.

The graphics of the game are stunning and the gameplay is also smooth. You will need Android version 5.0 or higher to install the game.

Mod Includes:

1. No Card Deploy CD
2. No Card Deploy Cost

Game Version: 1.18.0

PlayStore LinkOmega Wars: Champions of the Galaxy

Credits: BMT

Installs: 1,000+

How To Install: Download the apk, install it and play

Download Omega Wars APK MOD


Omega Wars APK MOD

Omega Wars APK MOD

Omega Wars APK MOD


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