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MARVEL Avengers Academy Unlimited Energy MOD APK 2.13.0


MARVEL Avengers Academy Unlimited Energy APK MOD is an Android Action Adventure game by TinyCo. If you are a fan of MARVEL then you will love this game as you can fight with all the popular Marvel heroes in the game, starting from Tony Stark.

Manage the empire and build your city from scratch, battle with the enemies and the bad guys and earn tokens, shards, and other items in the game that you will help you buy new things in the game and upgrade your heroes.


MARVEL Avengers Academy Unlimited Shards MOD APK has many features, and today I will show you how to MOD it using Game Guardian to give yourself unlimited things in the game.

Build yourself an Academy and fight with the villains from the MARVEL world.

You can read more about MARVEL Avengers Academy MOD APK on their play store page. As this is more of a tutorial post.

You will need Android version 4.0.3 or higher to run the game it will not work below that.

Mod Includes Unlimited Energy and other in-game items. FOLLOW STEPS BELOW AS WE WILL USE GAME GUARDIAN.


  • Game Guardian LATEST APK (Download Link Below)
  • Avengers Academy Latest Game APK (Download Link Below)
  • Rooted Device.

This method will work to MARVEL Avengers Academy MOD APK Unlimited Energy in the game as well as Time Remotes and other items. THIS WILL NOT WORK FOR Shards, Fury Tokens, Energy Cores, Comic Book. I have not tried to use this on emulators, you might be able to mod tokens, shards on emulators NOT SURE THOUGH.

You can check out the VIDEO TUTORIAL below if you want.


  1. Assuming you already downloaded the GG APK, GAME APK and everything is READY to go.
  2. Launch the GAME first and enter the game, play the tutorial if you are a NEW user then minimize the game and launch game guardian
  3. Now click on the Game Guardian icon on the screen you see and select the game from the list
  4. Now search for the value of your energy, let’s say 47 is the amount of energy you have. MAKE SURE search type is DWORD.
  5. Then hit NEW SEARCH and you will have plenty of results, now use your energy. GO AND BATTLE
  6. Once you use your energy lets say 3 you will remain with 44 energy, now search again for 44 and this time hit REFINE
  7. you should have fewer results like 5 or 6, if you have more than 10 then just repeat the process, USE YOUR ENERGY and come back hit the REFINE with the new value.
  8. Once you have fewer results, now click on the values and change the amount to what you want, if you have 5 results change all their values to the amount you want. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK “FREEZE” OPTION it’s VERY IMPORTANT OR ELSE IT WILL NOT WORK.
  9. Now hit YES and go back and you should get an error message, select HELP on it and it should direct to your email or somewhere then simply HIT the BACK button on your device and the game will RELOAD and you should see the amount of energy you had changed if it is 99999999 then you will see it. CHECK VIDEO BELOW

Video Tutorial


This METHOD may not work on the first go so keep trying as for me it worked on the third time but if you follow my instructions carefully then it should work for you on the first GO.

Game Version: 2.13.0

Credits: NA

Installs: 10,000,000

How To Install: Download the apk, install it and play


Download MARVEL Avengers Academy Unlimited Energy MOD APK

Game Guardian APK


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