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Man or Vampire MOD APK 1.5.5


Man or Vampire Unlimited Diamonds MOD APK is a new Android Role-Playing game developed and published by HIDEA.

platforms now. A great role-playing game with a unique standpoint that keeps users glued to their phones for days.


Man or Vampire Unlimited Gold MOD APK is a very strategically made game comparing to other RPGs. Great graphics which rival similar games, amazing sound effects that are crispy clear, intriguing storyline with interesting character background stories and multiple in-game side mission like options, high fps which make the game even smoother.

Your phone won’t even get warm while playing, none of the overheating issues despite the high graphics and all animations and cutscene videos start fast and you won’t have to wait for levels to load.

Start of your story in Man or Vampire MOD APK LATEST VERSION as a warrior that is a hybrid, both man and vampire in your quest to become the king of your realm that is called paradise and that means you cannot give up easily, you have to fight your way through all the enemies that come your way.

Paradise has been invested with deadly creatures with magical properties that will stop at nothing from killing you.

And you’ll not just be battling one creature at a time on Man or Vampire APK MOD, most of the time it will be hoards of enemies. Complete various quests in the main storyline to earn more in-game coins that can be used to upgrade your characters traits as well as attack and defense.

Build your team of characters offered in the game and upgrade their abilities as well as they is the biggest part of your attack and defense, your main character will also battle but your team creatures will be on the front line so you’ll have to keep them stronger as your progress further into the game where you can encounter stronger enemies and also boss fights that are not going to be so easy.

Mod Includes:


hp and mp recovery x100

Game Version1.5.5

Installs: 100,000+

How To Install: Download the apk, install it and play

Download Man or Vampire MOD APK


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