Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom MOD APK 1.7.1

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Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom MOD APK 1.7.1

Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom Unlimited Diamonds MOD APK is a fantastic Android role-playing game developed and published by B.V. In Hustle Castle APK MOD you will build the castle of your dreams, the game is similar to fallout shelter if you have played it.

You will play as the king in Hustle Castle Unlimited Gold MOD APK and take care of your citizens from the evil the reside outside your castle. Build new rooms and other important things as you build your fortress. You can slowly expand it and the conquer the whole world at some point.

There are hundreds of missions in the game to complete, each of them will have its own challenges, fight giants, orcs and other mythical creatures to protect your castle.

You can even play online in the multiplayer mode and raid other players castles, the online mode is really fun and addicting.

You can train new soldiers and teach them new skills, and wear any kind of equipment. They can help you in the battle then. If you are fond of playing such games then do give it a try, you will love it.


The graphics of the game are really good and lit, the gameplay is also very smooth. You will need Android version 4.1 or higher to run the game. You will have 10 times more damage and you will never die in this MOD version of Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom MOD APK Latest Version.

If you were looking for the latest version Hustle Castle MOD then you can download the APK file from our site and play it for free.


  • DMG X 10


Game Version

Version 1.7.1


Installation Process

1) Download the mod apk from the link below, install it and enjoy

2) Install it and enjoy


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Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom MOD APK

Mirror – Hustle Castle MOD APK


Hustle Castle Unlimited Gold Coins APK MOD

Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom APK MOD

Gamers, Are you ready to become the Lord of a Castle? Get ready and quickly pick up your iPhone to play the Game called, Hustle Castle MOD APK: Medieval Life developed by MY COM.

This game is inspired or can be called as a clone of the famous game, Fallout Shelter-my all-time favorite and must be yours as well, however, developed in a distinctive look with new and innovative animated look.

This game is classified in the Role Playing category and it’s free to download, however, it’s only available in the app store for the iOS Devices. Hustle Castle is basically a Fallout Shelter-style mobile game set in a lively medieval world, where you are the master of your own kingdom and the basic goal is to gain new subjects and save your princess.


The Game has basically story-driven campaigns, where you need to build the castle of your dream, Crush the enemies, make your weapon and fight through hundreds of missions.

You have to go around improving your castles which will help to unlock new options and capabilities. Basically, you will be taken through plot involving in a series of steps and recommendations on how to build your empire in the most optimal way by fulfilling all requirements which may arise for building a room, getting inhabitants or resources, training and protecting your subjects and fighting rivals, so the player is kept engaged for hours and hours, rather ages.

However, there are big fun and excitement in the game as you move ahead in the advanced mode, like the adventure mode where you can reach by beating combat sequences against other enemies on open terrain.

The key would be however depending on the level of your heroes and the equipment you set them up. If I come to the character, the warriors look amazing in their shining armor, ready to crush the Mighty Brainpan army and find shelter of the fearsome OM-NOM, Too Cool and I loved playing.

If I discuss the game graphics, it’s nice and fine with 2D graphics. You have a clear vision of the characters movement and the tanks movement when they run forward in combat, however, it should be far better. I am sure that the developer will improvise in this section with the upcoming releases.

There are basically three different areas of gameplay in Hustle Castle game which are Castle building, PVP, PVE. The PVP mode basically involves you scouting out opponents on the map allowing you to see their power levels and your power level.

When your power level reaches a higher level, your winning chances increases. Another interesting feature is the power of Spells which you can use wisely to beat the enemies who are with higher power levels, but, be very careful to use it at the right point of time as, if used too early or too late, you will get defeated, for sure.

In the PVE gameplay, you will be facing monsters where the storyline is to chase the evil forces as they run away with your princess and made her captive in another castle.

The moment you beat a set of levels, a new area is unlocked, allowing you more levels to beat. A Twitter-like social media tab is used to narrate the story in PVE mode where all of the characters, whether good or evil, communicate together, where funny and lively posts are made.


Overall, there is fun and excitement in the game. Characters are lively,  well written and it’s really fun when the player watch them interact. The game is relatively easy to play and It’s definitely worth downloading and trying out. I find it to be the best free game I’ve played in a long time!

Enjoy Playing!

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