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Fap CEO MOD APK Unlimited Ruby & Keys – LATEST HACK


Fap CEO Unlimited Ruby MOD is an Android casual clicker game developed and published by Nutaku, Nutaku publishes Adult games and this is an Adult game so if you are not 18+ please do not download this game.

In Fap CEO MOD APK Unlimited Keys you will hire cute girls to work for your company, it is basically a clicker game. Click on the coins to level the girls up, after a certain level they will unlock new items. Once you make enough coins, you will be able to hire more girls, hire more and level them up as well.

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Tap on the girls further once you see an eye like icon above them and they may drop keys, the keys in the game can be used to open chests. There are a variety of chests from common one to rare ones, but to open rare chests you will need to level up your company.

You will have Unlimited Ruby and Keys in Fap CEO  HACK APK to spend, buy whatever you want with it for free. Also first get around 10 Ruby because your Ruby and Keys will keep increasing every time you spend, so you will need some in order to start getting some.

There also many achievements to complete that will give you Rubies, as well as side missions, check your messages daily as you will receive 18+ pics in them, all for free without having to do all the hard work.

There are many more features in the game, you will learn about it all once you start playing the game. The game is super addicting and will keep you playing for hours. Do not get caught though 😉

You will need Android version 6.0 or higher to run Fap CEO MOD Latest Version

Mod Includes:

  • Unlimited Keys, Gems and Coins (Increase when spent)

Game Version: 0.942

PlayStore Link: NA

Credits: NA

Installs: NA

How To Install: Download the apk, install it and play

If the game crashes on first launch or black screen, just restart the game. Keep restarting and it will work.

if you have problems signing in then simply copy the URL of the sign in which fap CEO directs to then open the link in incognito mode on chrome and sign in then select leave when it asks. DONE

Install Steps:
1)Download Fap Ceo Launcher from the link below
2)Install Launcher
3)Install Modded APK
4)Open the launcher and click play

If you previously installed this game from my site, then no need to uninstall the previous version, just install this new version over the previous one and continue your saved game 🙂

Download Fap CEO APK MOD






I love discovering new games to share on this blog. Other than that I am a big fan of Android and love to learn new things about it. Also, I love testing MODS.

94 thoughts on “Fap CEO MOD APK Unlimited Ruby & Keys – LATEST HACK 0.942

  • I thought unlimited gem and keys gems and coin?

    • aren’t they increasing when you spend them?

    • FAP CEO Launcher download worked but MOD didnt? Said package conflicts with file of the same name.

  • They banned me for using the hack

  • Hi, I just wanted to warn you guy. I got banned, I guess it was because I used this mod in an excessive way. So be careful using it.
    Don’t be like me

  • Get 0.942 please, i can’t start the game, it keeps trying to update.

    • DONE, UPdated 🙂

  • New version came out 0.942 please update it

    • DONE 😉

  • 0.941 update please, thanksss

    • updated 😀

  • Please update to the latest version with saint Patrick’s day please!! 🙂

    • done updated 😀

      • I thought unlimited keys?

        • do they increase when you spend?

  • New update. 14/03/2019

    • updated 😉

  • Update please 0.941. 0.940 didnt install for me so maybe 0.941 will please update

    • i have updated please download and enjoy, just install over the previous one

  • New update showed up (0.941a Live) Update needed plus instructions how to install it with or without root.
    One more thing The MOD puts your money In the negative field Example (before 1000 , after using the MOD is -1000) fix and update thanks

    • hello, i have updated the game to version 0.941 enjoy:D

      • could u update to 0.942. ver the latest one i think?


        • i have updated to 0.942 😉


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