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Extreme Landings Pro MOD APK (FULL FREE) 3.6.3


Extreme Landings Pro MOD is one of the best flight simulators you will play on your Android device, with its realistic controls, physics you will surely feel like a real pilot. The game has been developed and published by RORTOS.

Extreme Landings Pro is a fun simulation game unlike any other Flight Simulator the reason I really love and prefer this one is because of its controls, flying a plane is not that difficult and the controls in the air are also very smooth. Unlike another flight simulator where you can’t even take the plane off the ground.


The game has been missions that you will need to complete, some missions will require you to land or fly the aircraft in severe weather conditions, and sometimes you will need to land a faulty aircraft. If an engine blows in the air you will need to do an emergency landing.

There are many aircraft in the game that you can fly, from private jets to big cargo airplanes. The game also has an auto-pilot mode where you just enable the speed, altitude in which you want to fly ETC and the game will take care of it.

The mayday missions are really fun when your aircraft has an issue and you have to an emergency landing. Otherwise, you can even free roam around the world and travel to all the airports around the world. The game has tons of airports where you can land.

Also, the other good thing is that if let’s say point A and B is 500KM far then in the game it will be that far and will take the same amount of time that it would take a regular plane in real-life. This gives the game a very good and realistic feel.

Extreme Landings Pro has really good graphics also the MAPS are generated from google maps giving you a realistic feel when flying the airplane.

The performance of the game is good and you will require Android version 4.1 or higher to run the game. The game works on all Android devices.

Game Version: 3.6.3
Last Updated: 15th March 2019
PlayStore LinkExtreme Landings Pro 
Credits: Androidoyun
Installs: 10,000+
How To Install: Download the apk, install it and play

Download the OBB zip file and extract it, now place the OBB folder inside the Android/Obb folder on your device then install the apk and play.

Extreme Landings Pro APK MOD

Extreme Landings Pro OBB ZIP


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