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Dragons Rise of Berk Unlimited Runes MOD APK 1.40.16

Dragons Rise of Berk Unlimited Runes MOD is an action-packed android game, where you join Hiccup and his crew to protect the village from the dangers that may present themselves, by using toothless and the dragons.

The game perfectly blends the intoxicating visuals with an engaging story to keep you entertained for hours.

You start the game by either rescuing or hatching a new dragon. The next step is training the dragon. Your objective is to help Hiccup bring harmony and peace to the village. The storyline progresses natural, packed with action, and imaginative twist and turns.

The dragons are a big part of Dragons Rise of Berk. You can choose from over a rich and diverse collection. You can then train your dragon and increase his power.

The dragons in the games are grouped in distinct categories, from the unique; to all the way to the exotic ones. Each dragon brings its own set of characteristics and powers.

The dangers you will face in the game; will keep on increasing, and to tackle them you will have to upgrade your dragons. The game blends strategy with hand to hand combat, to provide the user with an engaging experience.

The controls of the game are fairly basic. There is a tutorial at the start of the game to make you familiar with all of the controls. The controls allow you to control the character; his flight and his fight.

Dragons: Rise of Berk is based on the popular movie series: How to train your dragon. The game is a worthy continuation of the movies, providing an enjoyable gaming experience.

The visuals of the game are colorful and imaginative. The action is fluid and consistent. The game requires strategy as well as skill, ensuring enjoyment for any casual gamer.

Mod Includes: Unlimited Runes in the game

Game Version: 1.40.16

Credits: NA

Installs: 10,000,000+

How To Install: Download the apk from the link below, install it and play

Download Dragons: Rise of Berk APK MOD


Dragons: Rise of Berk Unlimited Runes

Hello, Gamers! I am sure that all of you must have watched the Movie “How to train your Dragon” by Paramount Pictures, now it’s time to get the same thrill if you play the Game called Dragons: Rise of Berk developed by Ludia Games and launched in 2014.

I am sure you all must have seen and experienced that any game made from any Movie has not performed well, like the Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Part 1 Game, however, the game we are discussing now, Dragons: Rise of Berk doesn’t fall in the queue.

Dragons: Rise of Berk is available on Android or iOS, sticks exactly with the characters from the “How to Train Your Dragon” series, and is a great addition to the mobile franchise.

Dragons Rise of Berk Unlimited Runes MOD APK

You will be having an amazing experience once you in into the game. The main goal of the game is to expand your village by building structures and collecting resources. Added factors are an exploration to collect loot and dragon eggs, which players can then hatch.

The starting dragon in the game is Toothless, the dragon of the protagonist Hiccup.

You need him to find other dragons whom you will train. The types of dragons that you can find are pulled directly from the film series itself, so there is a direct correlation.

Dragons: Rise of Berk even sticks with the original script, incorporating the film’s references into the game, so that’s something exciting as you feel the originality.

In any game the first thing we notice is graphics, the same is seen here. I will give a good score for the Graphics. The developer has given minute attention across all elements in the game in terms of Graphics.

The game has used vibrant colors throughout giving the game a vibrant and pleasing look. The game has some famous music tracks taken from the original movie and if you have seen the movie, you will recognize immediately.

Game Overview

This is a city-building game, in which players are tasked with expanding Berk well beyond its borders, stocking up on resources (in the form of wood and fish) using the dragons to build and upgrade different structures you have within the village all these resources are required.

The dragons start out as eggs and are found when players send Toothless out to explore. The eggs are then sent to the Hatchery where they spend a set amount of time (from a few minutes to several hours) until they are ready to hatch.

Henceforth, the resulting dragon is added to your roster to feed and train, so that it gains levels and becomes an effective asset to the village work-force. This game has dragons of different classes from both feature films and also the TV shows and there will be plenty to collect.

When you start playing the game you will think that you have spent all this time and effort training up dragons, so what to do with them after that? Actually, you are going to unleash them on your poor enemies which comes at later levels after you unlock Erik’s boat.

During the gameplay you will find that Berk island will be attacked by an enemy fleet, When they do, you take the dragons you have trained and launch them against the enemy fleet.

The graphics used in the game is mind blowing and of top notch. If you look at the trees and water the feeling is they are alive and real. The game has used an extensive map with location reference used in the film, such as Valka’s lair and the volcano.

The rise of Berk game’s main currency is Runes which are extremely valuable but are also quite rare. You need to play patiently and you will find a few ways to get Runes without having to spend real money.

You need to focus on completing missions, digging up obstacles etc. The game updates daily promos as well to purchase runes as well as dragons, however, you need to spend real cash in that case.


My experience after playing Dragons: Rise of Berk is great. The game kept me engaged and kept me well occupied for a few hours.

Netflix will be releasing a few series of the original movie, How to Train Your Dragon, so, the Game will also have few updates in the coming days.

I will highly recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of how to train your dragon series as it did a great job adhering to the awesome film and developed stunning graphics, characters throughout.

So, Start Playing! Enjoy!


I love discovering new games to share on this blog. Other than that I am a big fan of Android and love to learn new things about it. Also, I love testing MODS.

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