Dragon City MOD APK 8.10 Unlimited Health – GG

Rooted device will make it easier however you can even do this on a non-rooted device.

Dragon City Unlimited Gold MOD is an Android simulation game developed and published by Social Point. Dragon City is one of the most popular Dragon simulation games on the PlayStore with over 100 million downloads worldwide and 80+ million active players.

In Dragon City Unlimited Gems you will build your very own Dragon land and collect, train and evolve your dragons, then breed new dragons and evolve them to make them stronger, once they older you can take them to battle in quests, leagues and PVP matches where you will compete with players around the world.

Prepared to go up against the most smoking fight amusement and to prepare fire-breathing mythical beasts to your will? Is it accurate to say that you are the one to assert the title of best Dragon Master on the planet? Construct your city, and demonstrate your strength!

Assemble a Dragon City Unlimited Food on coasting islands and fill it with ranches, natural surroundings, structures… and winged serpents! Gather and prepare your adorable children and advance them into noteworthy fight mammoths that will protect you in the PvP Arenas!

You can even join the alliance in the game and then chat with your fellow members.

There are tons of different kinds of dragons in the game, each dragon is unique and has their own skills and abilities, you can unlock new skills once you level them up.

You need to be wise in the battle, you cannot attack a fire dragon with fire because it will not deal any damage. You can attack the fire dragon using the icy dragon so it can deal more damage and a high chance of critical hit.

In this MOD that I am going to show you today, the original game will work just fine, so if you have the original game installed from Play Store then it will work fine, also because it is the original game, you will be able to log in to Google Play and save your progress or Log In to Facebook to save your progress.


  1. Dragon City MOD APK LATEST VERSION game installed (the original game will also work from play store)
  2. Game Guardian APK installed on your device
  3. Rooted Android device.

No Root? Do not worry it can still work please check out my guide on How To Use Game Guardian Without Root

What Mod Will I Have??

Your Dragons will have UNLIMITED HEALTH in Quests battles and Leagues (PVP NOT TESTED)

This mod is good for players who are already playing Dragon City

There is a video tutorial below if you want to skip written tutorial


Warning: Do it at your own risk. I prefer you first create a test account and try on it until you are satisfied as I am not responsible for any bans.

1) Launch the Dragon City APK and Game Guardian

2) Now I am assuming you already play Dragon City or know about it if you are a new player then just finish the tutorial, start a battle in either leagues or quests.

3) Once you are in the battle, because this is a turned based attacking game, you will have enough time to mod your dragon’s health. See pic below

Dragon City MOD APK

As you can see from the picture above, currently my dragon’s health is 1355, now we will change it so that is unlimited.

4) Launch Game Guardian and what you want to search is a type DWORD value and then set the number as per your dragon’s health, in my case I will search for “1355;1355” your dragon’s health might be 4566;4566 or 6700;6700 anything. See pic below

Dragon City MOD APK

5) Now hit NEW SEARCH and then let it search for all the values 1355 and you shall have a result depending on your number, for me I only had 12 results as seen in the pic below. Now what you have to do is select the icon you see on the top in red square, that option will let you edit all the selected values.

Dragon City MOD APK

6) Now you will have a screen as shown in the pic below, all you have to do is change the number to whatever you want, I would recommend only adding 5 or 5 zeroes at the end and then hit YES.

Dragon City MOD APK

7) Once you hit YES all your values will be changed into the number you had typed. As shown in the pic below.

Dragon City MOD APK

8) Now just hit the X button you see on the top right or hit the back button and go into the fight, now let your opponent attack you once and you will notice your health has become unlimited (it will change into the number you had typed) Check the pic below.

Dragon City MOD APK

As you can see my dragon’s health has increased massively and it is almost impossible to beat him, now my dragon alone can beat all of them alone. This method is perfect to give you easy wins all the time because your dragon is immortal in Dragon City MOD APK. I have not yet tested this method in the PVP but let me know if it works in PVP as well.

Watch Video Tutorial

Modding Gems and Gold ETC is impossibles as all the information is stored on their server and cannot be modded through Game Guardian, but the little things inside the game as you can see can easily modded, we can use that to our advantage to keep winning battles and earning awesome rewards. Also, the mod will work with all the coming updates.


Dragon City is a really fun game to play, and also very addicting. The game has many features and will probably keep you hooked for hours without actually getting tired. Build the best dragon land and compete with players around the world. If you are into simulation dragon games then try out Dragon City free today.


I love discovering new games to share on this blog. Other than that I am a big fan of Android and love to learn new things about it. Also, I love testing MODS.

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