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THE ALCHEMIST CODE Unlimited Gems is an Android strategy RPG game developed by Gumi Inc. These are the same developers behind the popular game Brave Frontier. THE ALCHEMIST CODE is the number one RPG game loved by millions of people in Japan.

THE ALCHEMIST CODE is an amazing mixture of genuine tactical elements and a plenty of top-notch content all packed into one game, the game provides stunning visual and sound effects and has amazing anime style animations.


The story is that the Forbidden Art of Alchemy brought destructions that divided the world with different Ideals, the Alchemy was sealed away hidden deep inside the darkness by the Seven Kingdoms of Babel

However years later the seal has started to show weak signals that would indicate an eminent of foreshadowing on what is to come.

Offered with the energy of Alchemy, who will win, and realize an adjustment on the planet? Where will you take you and in what manner will the world judge you?

It offers many features in the game, the game requires Android 4.1 and higher to work, also the device should have at least 1GB of RAM for it to work smoothly, the game is around 1.8GB make sure you have enough space on your device.

The game features many Characters, there are over 50 characters in the game beautifully designed. You will have to collect them, train and evolve them to make them stronger. You can master a wide variety of abilities for your character and customize them with new outfits.

A very classic battle turn-based system with grid-based movement in the game, the game also has an online mode where you can fight with friends and other players around the world. In THE ALCHEMIST CODE MOD APK, you can battle up to 4p multiplayer CO-OP. You can even battle in the Arena to put your skills to the test against other players. You can earn great rewards from it and get your rankings higher on the leaderboard.

Overall the game provides a very rich experience and gives you the feeling of playing on the console, the graphics of the game are really great as well as the gameplay, you will go through various Adventures in the game and travel through unique lands. You can also complete daily challenges and missions to earn rewards.

Mod Includes:

1. Attack Multiplier
2. Defense Multiplier
3. Full Map Movement
4. Max Attack Range
5. No Obstacles
6. Unlimited Skills
7. Instant Win¹
8. Easy Win²
9. No Friend Fire

¹ Must active before entering the dungeon. Stage will auto-clear at the start. If your turn start just end your turn and stage will auto-clear.
² Can be used at any time. Enemies will die when their turn start (just added this in case people want to get the treasure before the stage is cleared)

Game Version:


Credits: Jayvee

Installs: 1,000,000+

How To Install: Download the apk from the link below, install it and play

Download game data directly from the game.



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