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Monster Legends MOD APK 8.0.1 MEGA MOD


Monster Legends Unlimited Food MOD is an Android RPG game where you will train your monsters to fight in the epic battles. The mod of this version will give you a 3 star win each time you battle but it only works with the Adventure mode, there was another mod for this but users reported getting banned after a day of playing, so it wasn’t worth it.

Monster Legends is all about training Legendary monster and taking them to battle with you, you will breed, feed, raise and train your dragons and turn them into powerful beasts.

You can collect hundreds of monsters and each monster will have unique skills and abilities, each monster will have a role in the battle as each monster has skills that would be useful in the battles. So you will need to balance them to have a good undefeatable squad when you are battling online or finishing quests.

Monster Legends also has an online multiplayer mode where you will face other players around the world and fight with their Monsters, it won’t be easy at all. You are going to put your skills to the test, it is all about training your dragons and having a good strategy to win battles. You can collect awesome monsters from the team shop.


Collect over 400 monsters in Monster Legends Unlimited Gems, new monsters are added on a weekly basis, Monsters have different rarities and are of a different breed, you will need to train each of them differently and create new species

The game also has limited time events where you can compete and earn great rewards as Monsters in return, you can fight in special events.

Monster Legends is a very good addicting game, the graphics of the game are superb and the gameplay is outstanding. There are over 60 million players now worldwide. If you are into Action Fighting simulation games, then give Monster Legends Latest Version a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Mod Includes:

  • Always 3-star win
  • No skill cost

Game Version: 8.0.1

PlayStore LinkMonster Legends – RPG APK

Credits: NA

Installs: 10,000,000+

How To Install: Download the apk from the link below, install it and play

Download Monster Legends APK MOD 





Monster Legends UNLIMITED GOLD is a super cool game by Social Point in which you get to raise a bunch of monsters to achieve their full potential. You can also create a whole world and add habitats in it for your monsters.

This is a multiplayer game that allows you to battle with players all across the globe. Monster Legends is absolutely free for both Android and iOS.

It scores 4.6 out of 5 stars on Android and 4.8 out of 5 stars on App Store which shows that the game is worth playing. Its current version is 7.8.3 Due to some mild violence it is advised that children above the age of 7 play it.

What’s in Store?

You can form an army of deadly monsters in a Monster Paradise designed according to you, your creatures will live there while getting trained and fed. Every beast has its own unique ability. You can compete against computer-controlled enemies or with monsters of players around the world.

The game offers quests, arena battles and mini-games from which your monsters can gain plenty of experience and precious gems. You can also play as teams and fight with other teams in order to conquer their territory after the recent upgrade.

The game requires the players to cautiously plan strategies once they reach advanced levels.

Getting Started 

 Once you start the game, a monster called Pandalf will greet you and guide you on how to create a beginner habitat, hatch a monster from its egg, feed your creature so it can grow stronger and build a farm on the island so you can grow food for your beasts.

After the tutorial is over you will get to play on your own to expand your island and breed more creatures. As you grow you will be able to compete in PvP mode where you will struggle to reach the top of the leaderboard while competing with other online players.

Attractive Features

  • The graphics and sound effects are creative and absolutely stunning.
  • The game is quite thrilling, fun and addictive to play.
  • You can collect more than 400 unique monsters. The game adds more monsters every week for you to choose from.
  • Fight your way towards glory in action-packed and challenging battles.
  • Compete with gamers from different countries.
  • Build a paradise for your monsters by adding attractions like mountains, temples and a lot more. Discover the Library, the Monster Lab and other cool places.
  • Advance in the game without being forced to make in-app purchases unless you really want to.

Summing It Up

The game is exciting to play and is quite unique as compared to other games of this sort. There is always something new added to the game after every update, and it is safe to say that the developers have done a pretty good job with this game.

According to reviews and feedback, not many bugs have been reported. People have been enjoying it and won’t back off from playing it anytime soon. Monster Legends is very engaging and a good time killer, you can easily lose track of time once you start playing it.


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