Download Lords Mobile MOD APK 1.6.3

What Is The Game About?

Lords Mobile MOD APK is a Massively Multiplayer online real-time strategy game (MMORTS) by IGG which is known for making well-designed strategy games.

Lord Mobile MOD APK also won the Google Play Awards in 2016 for being best Competitive Game. In the game you will be managing your kingdom, constructing buildings and recruiting powerful heroes to lead your massive armies, fight powerful bosses and to conquer enemy kingdoms.

In the start of the game, you will be buildings tons of buildings and upgrade them. The gameplay is similar to other strategy games like Clash of Clans and Game of War.

You can join a clan where you can socialize with like-minded warriors. The unique feature of Lords Mobile MOD APK is the Heroes, you can recruit a variety of heroes and upgrade them.

Heroes have their unique abilities which you can use during the fights with bosses or during raids. You also have the variety of troops which you can use in your battles, some famous troops are Grunt, Archer Cataphract etc.

Graphics are good and heroes have great attention to detail. The game has several gameplay modes, in Hero Mode, your hero will complete series of challenges, in Colosseum mode, you will be competing against another player in 5v5 hero battles and in Labyrinth mode, you will challenge boss and fight him.

If you like a real-time strategy game, you will like the Lords Mobile MODDED APK.


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Installation Process

1) Download the Apk from the link below

2) Install it and play

If the game has an Obb file then you have to place the Obb folder inside Android/Obb folder. If you don’t understand this then please comment below, some games will also have data files which you will need to place under Android/data folder.


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