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Lego Ninjago: ride Ninja MOD APK is one of the most entertaining, and fun game out there. It is based on the Lego Ninjago MOD APK movie. The game brings with it the trademark humor, and the excellent story, of the movie, but unlike the movie, the game is not action-packed, but instead is a running game.

The story begins with Zane who has gone undercover on a secret mission to infiltrate the Sons of Garmadon – a dangerous criminal organization. The Titanium Ninja mission is to find out the sinister plans of the gang, and Zane has almost earned the trust of the gang, but he needs to pass the final test: survive the dangerous initiation race.

The game begins with you playing the character of Zane, and you are sitting on a bike, equipped with the trademarked NINJAGO sword and shuriken. The race starts, and you will have the skill and the wits to combat the dangerous biker gang, but also the city.

The game is based on a closed looped circuit system, which means that the game will keep on playing. Your objective is not to finish the game but instead to carry on as long as possible.

The controls of the games are relatively simple you swipe right or left to change the lane depending on which way you are heading. You swipe up to increase the speed when you get a boast. Another cool thing about the game is that it offers up plenty of awards and prizes. The combat controls can be a bit difficult, but after a few tries, you will get the hang of it.

The graphics of the Lego Ninjago MOD APK: ride Ninja are merely functional, and sometimes distract from the playing experience, but all in all Lego Ninjago MODDED APK: ride Ninja is one excellent running, based action game, and it is a bundle of mindless fun.


Mod Includes: Full game unlocked

Game Version: 9.3.280

PlayStore Link: LEGO® NINJAGO®: Ride Ninja

Credits: NA

Installs: 100,000+

How To Install: Download the apk from link below, install it and play


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