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Day R Premium MOD is an Android survival horror game developed and published by tltGames.

In Day R Premium APK PREMIUM FREE you will survive in the post-apocalypse world where a nuclear war had destroyed almost all the living humans and turned the world into a deserted place, try to survive in the world and avoid the deadly radiation, collect useful items and search for food, clothes, shelter and weapons that will help you on your journey ahead because there is a lot that you will face on your way.

When I started playing, I found the game to be simple and easy to understand, where the players are giving a mission or task to fulfill. You will be taken to an environment of the 80’s.

The game begins with a situation where a nuclear war has just ended, leading to massive death, destructions and there are radiations all across.

Day R Premium APK MOD

Player’s main goal will be to meet with his family, who for some reason is on the other side of Ukraine. The player needs to cross the whole destructed area to reach them and this is not an easy task.

The game is really fun to play especially for those who love survival horror games. The game performs really well on any device running Android version 4.0.3 or higher, if you are into survival post-apocalyptic games then Download Day R Premium MOD APK free today.

Game Size88MB
Game Version 1.624
Required Android OS4.4 and up
PlayStore LinkDay R Premium
Last Updated4th April 2019
Downloads 100,000+
How To InstallDownload the MOD APK, Install it and play

When you enter the game press “Resume”

Download DAY R Premium APK MOD


Day R Survival Unlimited Money APK MOD

Day R Premium MOD APK

Hello Game Lovers, Good news for all of you. I am going to share my gameplay experience for one of the finest action game I ever played on a mobile device.

The name of the game is Day R Survival MOD APK PREMIUM released in 2016 with over 5 million downloads, created and developed by TLT games.

The game developer did phenomenal work in developing such a game with well-thought concepts and a unique storyline which can keep you engaged for hours.

The game has several activities to be done which is thrilling and exciting. The player will face Monsters, thirst, countless pandemic diseases and injuries, blood-thirsty enemies and need to fight with all of them.

The player needs to keep himself ready with all the weapons, clothes etc and fight it all in survival strategically way in the games. It is just am an amazing and real-world experience I had while I played the Game.

This is an RPG game that makes one have the ability of fighting, featuring a multiplayer aspect which is quite impressive. The game has a huge map with a lot to explore and a lot to check.

Overview of Day R Premium APK Free

Day R Premium APK MOD

You will find over 2,500 towns and cities which you need to explore and a lot to kill you in seconds unless prepared excessively, so super reflex action required.

You start off in a Russian town and there are many Russian towns for you to explore, but beware of the bandits or the online players who will be behind all your food and equipment’s and will try to kill you.

The features and modes are basically squandered on the game since no matter whom the player plays with and which character you choose.

Well, I played the game for several hours and I enjoyed it very much. What I really liked is the challenge regarding the water and food situation, where you have the normal canned food, the leftover bread, dirty water, and toxic water that you have to clean.

The game has everything to make it work as an adventure game.

It’s also a real action game because of its uniqueness and many good components it does have mainly on the activities of the game as there were more enough things to do in the game.

The game has done excellent work in relations to its visibility as it’s really a surprising thing to see a game with so many quick downloads within a short time span after the game release.

This game has got excellent reviews all across. The day R Survival game has got stunning graphical designs that literally made the look of the game fascinating and quite an impressive one to keep one engaged for hours.

The sound quality of the game is fabulous and it sounded realistic when the fighting sequence starts. You will feel that you are in a real fight, hats off to the developer for such an engineering technology.


So, my final verdict to this game is, it’s a  cool roleplaying Action loaded game with great features within the game. In general, if you’re a lover of action roleplaying games, you should immediately start playing this game.


I love discovering new games to share on this blog. Other than that I am a big fan of Android and love to learn new things about it. Also, I love testing MODS.

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  • hello tomzpot , i have downloaded this file for bluestacks on my pc , everytime i try opening it on bluestacks , i brings up the google play games tab and then freezes on it . do you have a solution for this problem , if you have please reply to my comment . i have also downloaded both the downloads and both have the same problem .

    • most likely it is because the game may not be compatible with bluestacks, i have never tried playing this game on bluestacks. i recommend you to try nox player, it should work there. it might work, it also helps you install unsigned apk without root

  • Hello tomzpot , i downloaded this file for bluestacks on my pc and every time i try opening it , it brings up the google play games thing and then freezes on it . do you have any solution for this .

  • Hi tomzpot its me again can you add max all skills on the mod

    • i have added another mirror link, can you try installing that APK, if that also does not work. then can you try installing it on another device if you have, as the game installs fine on my side

  • Hey the file cannot instal because said package error how can fix it

  • Hey the file cannot instal because said package error how can fix it

          • Dude it says that it conflicts with an existing file. What should I do?

          • Please uninstall any previous game you had, also install the new APK it has unlimited CAPS

          • It doesnt have unlimited caps? Max saved game only had 350,000 caps.

          • Are you sure??? the caps are unlimited in this DAY R MOD APK, i also made a video on this :/

          • Save 1 file: 105,000caps
            Save 2 file: 205,000caps
            Save 3 file: 305,000caps

        • Hello tomzpot , i tried downloading this file for bluestacks on my pc but every time i try opening it,it brings up the google play games tab and freezes on it. Do you have a solution for this problem ? If you have a solution please answer as soon as possible , thank you

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