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Darts Club MOD APK 2.4.4 – Unlimited Coins | Cards | Chests MEGA MOD

Darts Club MOD is an Android Arcade game by BoomBit Games. The game has just been released and it has already got over 100,000 downloads on the play store, if you are a fan of darts game then you will love this new Darts Club Unlimited Coins.

You will start off with a tutorial and play 3 matches first with the trainer, then you will face against other real players around the world. There are a variety of darts in the game that you can unlock and upgrade, you can gain more darts by opening chests using Gems or get Chests after winning matches. Also, you will earn free chests every now and then.

But I do not think you will need them as you will have Unlimited Gems and Coins in the game, you can directly open those premium chests and get all the rare items and upgrade them instantly.

It has a very user-friendly interface, if you have played games like Clash Royale then you will find the UI of this game very similar to it.

Complete achievements in the game to earn more rewards and play in different stages, you will earn trophies upon each win and lose if you lose and depending on how many trophies you have you be pushed to the next stage. The matching algorithm is based on the number of trophies that you have.

Other than that the graphics of the game are really good and the gameplay is also very smooth, the controls are simple you just swipe up in the screen in a different direction to throw the dart depending on where you want it to hit.

  • Free chest always available
  • Crown chest always available
  • Unlimited Coins (Open any chest and watch the magic)
  • Unlimited Cards from chests
  • Open the chests you won instantly

MOD Preview Gameplay

Game Version: 2.4.4
Last Updated: 23rd April 2019
PlayStore LinkDarts Club
Credits: NA
Installs: 100,000+
How To Install: Download the apk, install it and play

Download Darts Club APK MOD


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34 thoughts on “Darts Club MOD APK 2.4.4 – Unlimited Coins | Cards | Chests MEGA MOD

  • Hey buddy thx for the update same here victory chest want open it fall down but nothing happens no problems by the free chest

  • Hi mate good mod but victory chest wont open just flies down screen and gone! Can you not do anymore? Much appreciated anyway thanks.

  • Thank you for this awesome game but on nox emulator dont work, Can you fix that please ?? Thank you very much.

  • i do get unlimited free chest, but the coin and gem are not unlimited. And i cannot find any premium case.

    • sorry for now the game only gives unlimited free chests, gems and coins are not possible to hack anymore.

    • i will update soon they release new update few days back

        • i have updated the game to the latest version 🙂

          • Thanks! btw it is normal that i cant login to

          • in mod apks you cant log in to google play as google blocks log in on apps and games which are been modified, its a google thing. however you can log in to facebook if it has the option. OR if you have root you can log in to google play if you have the unsigned apk

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