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Cut the Rope 2 MOD APK 1.17.4 – Unlimited Energy


Welcome Gamers! Are you looking for some cool and exciting mobile game for your Kids? If the answer is yes, Cut the Rope 2 is the Game probably you are looking for.

It is a sequel of the popular Cut the Rope game which launched the cute green little sweet tooth super-Hero, OM NOM for the first time with his cute look that attracted millions of young gamers across the globe.

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The Game is developed by Zeptol Lab, a global gaming, and entertainment company known for developing several other award-winning games. Cut the Rope 2 game is available both for Android and iOS and has more than one billion downloads to date.

You all are aware that kids or youngsters love Candy, right? This is the core of the game, as all the rush, adventure; thrill moving through all the game challenges one by one to cross all the 160 levels, crossing busy cities and underground tunnels are all to achieve CANDY!

Yes, this is the point of interest why youngsters are attracted towards this game, but, OM NOM is not alone, he has his friends called Nommies who are along for this adventure Journey to add extra depth to the tricky levels.

The game is easy and addictive to kids, as, they need to swipe the screen with their fingers to cut the dangling ropes holding the candies so that it falls into the mouth of Om Nom, our cute monster in the Game.

The game needs quick reflex and precision as the game progresses towards new challenges when the basic rope cutting gets tough as balloons, blowers, spikes, and electrical currents are added.

Challenges become harder as the levels progress. Om Nom friends, Nommies ad up some excitement in the puzzle as they have long, frog-like tongues used to block off certain areas.

You can be declared a winner by achieving certain goals, let’s say a particular score or getting only one star. This adds replayability and added challenge for fans. I felt like a real genius when I solved a few puzzles.

The beauty of the Cut the Rope 2 is this candy-loving monster has never looked so animated and charming as he does in his new customizable hats. If you poke him, he will get wiggly, as you figure out puzzle mechanics either above or below him.

I also got quite a few laughs when he tumbled off cliffs with a “Wheeeee!” I can see Om Nom swimming for the first time that was hands-down my favorite new animation. It’s utterly adorable not only by Kids but even by me, I can’t take off my eyes.

Mod Includes: Unlimited Energy

Game Version: 1.17.4

PlayStore Link: CUT THE ROPE 2

Credits: NA

Installs: 100,000,000+

How To Install: Download the apk, install it and play


Download Cut the Rope 2 APK MOD



Cut the Rope 2 MOD APK

Let’s talk about Om Nom’s new friends, the Nommies. We can see five Nommies, each with their own set of levels and helpful puzzle mechanics to help get Om Nom his candy.

I like Blue, an apathetic Nommie compared to his cheerful counterparts, you know why? The moment Blue is touched, it causes him to make replicas of himself that stack on top of each other until they all collapse into a heap that can be used as a bridge or ladder; mashing my finger to spawn as many Blues as I could be ridiculously amusing.

If you are stuck anywhere in a level, there are several helpful aids available to help you and can be purchased.

Microtransactions are ranged in price from $2 up to $50.There’s also a friendly firefly who will show you how to get three stars on a level and power up that rains candy.

Whizzing through Cut the Rope 2 is quick, super thrilling and exciting. The game has additional levels and goals for the repeat players who are fond of Om Nom and want to play again and again. So, every time you play, you get additional addiction towards the gameplay.

Cut the Rope 2  new well-animated characters, clever levels, and overall quality had me playing and laughing gleefully all the way through.


The developer even took care of the repeat player by including additional missions adding fantastic replay value. In the latest Game update, some cool features are added like Candy School and join Om Nom.

So, Let’s play and have Fun!


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