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Champions and Challengers MOD APK 1.3.1

Champions and Challengers MOD bring an amazing real-time tactical role-playing game for all of you. In this game, you need to build up a legendary team and make them prepare for a massive battle. You need to challenge and fight against the Dice Lord. This game is an ultimate adventure time game with massive challenging battles from all over the Land of Ooo.

Every team member will possess unique skills that you can use in the battle to fight. Moreover, they will also possess a set of powerful attacks. You need to play this exciting game by combining character abilities and smack down the evil Dice Lord’s plan for an ultimate victory.


Mod Includes: Unlimited Money (Never Decrease)

Game Version: 1.3.1

PlayStore LinkChampions and Challengers – Adventure Time

Credits: NA

Installs: 1,000,000+

How To Install: Download the apk, install it and play

Download OBB zip file and extract it, the place the OBB folder you found inside under Android/obb folder on your device. Then install the apk and play

Download Champions and Challengers MOD APK

Champions and Challengers MOD OBB

Champions and Challengers – Adventure Time comes with an action-packed explosion of a game. It is nice to see games that involve cartoons from cartoon network like the good old days where your favorite cartoon would have amazing addictive games.

The Game is real-time tactical gameplay with more than 70 unique characters to choose from with abilities that give them an edge over each other. In battle mode, you get a team of characters against a number of waves of enemy teams that you need to skillfully defeat. Only a few minutes of practice will let you grasp the basics of the game so you can modify your team’s characters however you want.

You also have various consumables to use in a game like health, shields for defense and special support weapons that can only be used a limited amount of time unlike your main weapons that regenerate after a few seconds,

A player vs player mode is also available in it. The “Arena mode” allows players to battle other plays on the server for more points and special prizes that can be used in the game while also proving their strengths in real-time scores.

Arena mode in the game has been made to be different than other PvP games and should definitely be played daily to keep up with other strong players as well as to collect any new prizes that it offers to make your main game smooth and strong because this game is honestly not a piece of cake. You can’t just win by pressing buttons, skills and equipment are required as well as to be up to date with your upgrades so you don’t get your butt kicked in the game.


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