Bid Wars Pawn Empire MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Gold) 1.11.3

If you have ever wondered what it’s like to have a business of trading items, then Bid Wars: Pawn Empire MOD APK is just the game to test your intuition. In this game, your score or progression will be determined by your ability to guess the value of items and deduce when to give them off.

This is one of the many aspects that classify Bid Wars: Pawn Empire APK MOD as a strategy game on the Google Play store.  The game is developed by Tapps Games, has over one million downloads with a rating of 4.4 out of 5 and is free to play.

The game launches you into an introductory cutscene when you first start it. You are introduced to two of the characters to whom you will be encountering on your journey to become the best.

Bid Wars sets you off as an unnamed protagonist who will be bidding for the first time in order to get a foothold in the competitive market.

Your aim in Bid Wars APK MOD is to take after your uncle by renovating his old and abandoned pawn shop and expanding your influence further. The desire to create your own “empire” as is given in the title of the game itself, Bid Wars: Pawn Empire.

Bidding Mechanics

Now that we have talked about our motivations, let us take a look at what we will be doing in Bid Wars. After the introductory cutscene, the game will explain a bit of the action that you can do. First, you have to observe the items that are up for auction.

There will be only a brief window of opportunity to determine the price of the items and there won’t be simple enough time to observe all of them.  There are items that are more valuable than others; we refer to this classification as the ‘rarity’ of an item. Make sure you capitalize on this aspect properly, saving them for the right offer but not hoard them for too long to not gain any benefit.

So you have to determine by yourself whether a vase is more valuable than a toy robot and such.

You also have your starting currency in Bid Wars from which you can bid, overbid to topple the opponents or simply pass up if you feel the items are not worth the bidding price. The key here is to stay sharp at all times, as the timer and your overbidding opponents can lose you the game.

How To Install MOD APK

1) Download Bid Wars Pawn Empire MOD APK by clicking on the link

Mirror – Bid Wars Pawn Empire MOD APK

2) Make sure unknown sources is enabled on your Android device for installation from unknown sources

3) Once the game has been downloaded just install it and play.


Mod Features – Unlimited Money and Gold

Game Version – 1.11.3


The Scale

You can certainly go a long way in Bid Wars: Pawn Empire. The scaling of the activities in this game is incredible in comparison to other free to play titles. One such example of scaling is the ‘Town Map’ of the game which acts as a hub for all the things you can do. The town is littered with buildings that you can buy and expand to from your pawn shop.

The buildings in Bid Wars MOD give you influence or various utilities that will aid you in your venture.  Also, let’s not forget about the scale of the biddings you can go to. There are multiple cities that have these auctions and as you progress in your level, you can participate in them for more rare items and other prizes.

However, with the progression, the scale in the difficulty also arises. The higher the level, the higher the risky encounters and thus you have lower chances of winning. Bid Wars amps up its difficulty to give you that competition, to make you really realize that you worked your way up hard to earn the richest of the rewards.

Resource Management

Bid Wars: Pawn Empire APK has a lot of in-game currency to work with. There is the normal currency being the green bills similar to the dollar, the rare currency being the gold bars which you can obtain via certain quests or via real money and the being energy that you utilize whenever you go for bidding.

Juggling these three currencies properly will enable you to have an efficient economy but there might be times when you will be forced to forsake one resource for the other or have changed in your economic plan.

Resource management is one of the crucial aspects of the strategy element in Bid Wars: Pawn Empire MOD APK Unlimited Gold or in any other game for that matter. It also just doesn’t end here; there are other utilities and upgrades available for purchase to improve your business.

For your pawn shop, there is storage and shelves to sell and store more items, trucks for transportation and of course, the tactical buildings such as a library to catalog items etc.



Bid Wars Pawn Empire APK MOD

Bid Wars Pawn Empire APK MOD

The Pros

Bid Wars: Pawn Empire has a great way of introducing itself to a player. The story and narrative aspect of the game gives the user a purpose or a reason to be invested and engaged; it does not leave you hanging as many other free to play titles do. It is also easier for the new player to pay attention and learn more about the game when he interacts and ‘connects’ with the characters.

The game design is fairly simple and clean. Even though there are a lot of elements to consider in the game, the UI of the game is not bombarded with text or icons and it is relatively smooth to navigate and transition through different menus.

The game is fun and light for a casual player to pass the time while also being free to play. The earlier phases of the game are user-friendly but the game does not hold your hand at the higher levels. The difficulty ramps up to give you the competition.

The Cons

This brings us to the first problem of the game, the sudden difficulty spike at the end game. It is very rare for a player to win an auction in the last locations of the game as the opposition always overbids you despite the auction having a certain limit for the total price. The only way to win is via power-ups that you have to buy with real money.

This shows us another flaw in the game, the number of restrictions in Bid Wars: Pawn Empire, you have to always give the specific amount asked by the game; you can’t bid more than the total price of the auction even though you have more.

For instance, you can’t bid more than 400 dollars in an auction that has the 400 limit, regardless of you have 1 million in your storage.

Another issue is that the game punishes you for neglecting. If you do not claim your offers on time then you will get a low price for your item, a significant loss if it is very rare.

Even though the results are quick in the beginning, energy becomes scarce at the end game and Bid Wars loses its net time for that a user spends playing it.


For a casual game and for a good time pass the game is certainly worth space on your phone. There are some nuisances such as advertisements but the game is free to play with no forced purchases.

It is an excitement to have your own business and so many things at your disposal. Bid Wars: Pawn Empire MOD APK is not found lacking in that department; it is an achievement hunter’s dream.


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