Things Supercell Should Add In Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a very addictive game, and its concept is excellent. Users are loving it and Supercell is also working on it to make it better. Supercell release the update in August 2017 and they are ready to release the new major update in October.



Supercell is very persistent with Clash Royale updates, and we appreciate it. I would share some things Supercell should add in Clash Royale.


Following are the ideas for the Clash Royale

1) Third Bridge

There are two bridges in the Arena, and we would love if Supercell could add one more bridge. They could introduce New Bridge card which will allow the players to create the news bridge in the middle of the arena for few seconds.


2) The length of the Arena

I think there is a need to increase the length of the arena. Troops like balloons, giant skeleton damage the towers and adding length to the arena will give a chance to the player to counter them, and it will increase the quality of the game play.


3) Traps

Supercell should introduce the traps to the arena. We understand that the most players will add traps in the bridges but here is the twist, Supercell will restrict the users from setting up the traps in 2 tiles distance from the bridge and the main twist is that player can’t set trap on his side of the arena, traps will set on the opposition side. It will be a cool feature.


4) I think there is need to regularize the Legendary troops we understand that they are legendary troops they are supposed to be powerful, but they are troops after all. Supercell can add weakness for the legendary troops as it will allow the players with conventional troops to deter the legendary troops and game play will be fairer.


5) Guarding Troops

These troops will guard the towers and will not go beyond the bridges, these troops will have high damage ability, but with low health like wizards, these troops will be called only one time for each tower.

So far, there are no regular troops to deter the Goblin Barrel, as high-level players can use the Goblin barrel to destroy the towers, we think the addition of guarding troops will be good.


6) I think that Poison spell in this small arena is unfair, Supercell should remove it or at least limit the area of its effect. Addition of Earthquake spell will be a Good Addition to the game.




There is always room for improvement and Supercell should consider these recommendations as these will make the Clash Royale better and improve the game play.

I hope that new update will bring new and exciting features to the game. Please let me know what you think about these Ideas in the comment section.


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  • I like your private server posts but this one is full of unpratical ideas, I’m sorry but all legendaries can be countered, barrel can be destroyed by log, arrows, skarmy, gang, poison is far from being op, doing those other things would break the game and make it worse

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