How To Farm In Clash Of Clans

Clash of clan is our favorite game, and we love to play it. We try to develop our bases, but we fail to do so because we don’t know how to farm and get more loot in Clash of Clans.

I will share with you some tips and tricks so that you could farm and develop your base.

Farming is a way to protect your resources and turn your base into defending a base to minimize the loss.

Many players try to protect their resources with the aggressive base; you can do one thing at a time either to save trophies or resources.

Farming is an important task, and you have to do it intelligently. Prioritize the resources you want to save. If you want to save dark elixir, then put the dark elixir storage in the center and put the defenses and walls around it.

You can save one resource at a time you can prioritize your resources like 1,2,3 and build the base.



How To Farm In Clash Of Clans


Here is the perfect base for farming, if you look closely there is a pattern in the base, and everything is placed strategically. In the base, you can see the priority; I want to save the dark elixir, so I have placed it in the center and placed Tesla around it to save it.

Then I have placed walls to make the first layer.

After the first layer, there are more layers. If you notice there are some gaps in the walls these gaps are known as “strategic gaps” these gaps delay the time of big troops like giants, golems, and pekkas.

There are also some bombs placed to take care of small troops mainly goblins. Goblins are fast, and they are most likely to reach the trap and boom. Strategic gaps are the 2nd tier defense if you could notice there are series of buildings around the walls.



These buildings are placed strategically to take Pekka to the trip. This strategy is known as “Pekka 360”.

Pekka is a strong troop, so you have to take care of it. So if a player drops the Pekka first on your base then the Pekka will destroy the outer buildings first and then he will go inside.

This delay will give time to your defenses to eliminate him and take care of other troops.


I also tried to play some mind games in the base, on the upper right corner there is an open place and many players will think that there is a trap in the areas as it is open and shortest route to the town hall and they will not attack from that side.

I want the players to attack from the right side where I placed the Elixir storage so that they release the troops from that side.


If you want to farm you should have a shield. There are two ways to get the shield either to buy it or player attack your base destroy it, and you will get the shield. There is a 3rd way which is little sneaky. Place your town hall outside at one corner of the base. Also, place some traps like hidden Tesla around it.

Many players who usually look for trophies will attack the town hall. Hidden towers will take care of them, or even if they destroy the town hall they won’t be able to get the more resources, and you will get the shield.



Lower you league, ideal trophies range for farming is 1300-1400. At this league, you will find low competition and big loots so you can ideally farm your resources and develop your base.

The last tip is to develop your army. For farming, “GoBaArch” is the best army. It is economical and budget friendly. Goblins, Archers, and Barbarians can easily get you a good loot and if you want to learn how to get big loots in Clash of Clan, please check our other article.

If you want to farm, then you should do at least 5 raids per day. It will give you more resources. If you stay online for more than 4 hours a day, there are very fewer chances of you getting attacked by other players.




Farming takes time and planning. If you plan well you can save your resources. Please let me know what you think about these clash of clans farming tips in the comment section and also tell me how you do the farming.


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