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How To Attack Your Own Base In COC Builder Base Private Server



Many of my friends asked me if there was a way to attack your own base in Clash Of Clans and on the official Clash Of Clans server it is not possible to do it but on the private server of Clash Of Clans it’s possible ūüėČ



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Many thanks to Nulls for this server as they have made it possible on their private server to be able to attack yourself by inserting a command on the chat section. Their Clash Of Clans private server and Clash Royale private server are honestly one of my favorites to play on.

Anyways let’s not waste more time and get to the point.


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1: Go to the global chat section and type in “/asp” without the double quotes as show in the picture below

How To Attack Your Own Base In COC Builder Base


After you type in the command just hit the tick you see on the right side and you are pretty much done ūüėÄ

Now a battle should start against your own base, you can test how strong your base is or simple create an epic base layout and test it with different troops. It’s so much fun to upgrade defensive buildings to their maximum level and then drop troops to test how powerful they are.

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You can download this Clash Of Clans private server from here 

It will take you to a my blog post where i wrote all the details and information about this private server.




So this is how you can attack your own base on this Clash Of Clans private server.

I hope now you will be able to test all kinds of base layouts against different troops. This was a highly requested tutorial post. I always share more content related to Clash Of Clans and Clash Royale on this blog and share it on my Facebook page so make sure you have liked it so that you don’t miss any updates



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