Defensive Strategies To Save Trophies In COC Builder Base


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COC builder base is a more competitive base as compared to Town hall. Because in versus battles, only winner will take the trophies and your one mistake or loose positioning of troops in attack or loose positioning of your defensive buildings can cost you trophies.

I will share some best defensive strategies to win builder base battles and save trophies in builder base.


Clashing is an art, and for every art, you have to learn it first and master it. Versus battles are both offensive and defensive.

A lot of clashers focus on the offensive part and don’t pay much attention to the Defensive part.

If your base is not good at defense and your enemy can take 3 stars, and with good defensive base your enemy can win the battle.


How to win the battles in coc builder base?

When you battle in versus mode, you have to be intelligent offensively as well as defensively. The defensive strategy can be a deciding factor.

Following are the tips and tricks you should keep in mind when you set your base

1) Centralize your Builder hall, place it in the middle, the 2nd layer should be defensive buildings and third layer should be other buildings.


2) Always use walls and make sure to close them

Strategies To Save Trophies In COC Builder Base

Many players try to funnel the troops, but I assure you that close walls are much better strategy in versus mode.


3) Always place walls at minimum 2 tiles distance from the defensive buildings to ensure that Archers don’t have a chance to destroy your defensive buildings.


4) Make sure that to place the other non-defensive buildings in front of your defensive buildings, as it will act as a cover for your defensive buildings and give more time to your defense to destroy your opponent’s troops.


5) The push trap is great.

Strategies To Save Trophies In COC Builder Base

Most players use troops like Giants to take the hits and then release the low health troops with great damage abilities for destruction. The push trap will push the giant and will expose the low-health troops. This will help you to win the war.


6) 360 round up. This technique is my favorite, and I have been using it for years. This defensive technique is to place your buildings around the close walls but on the outside.

As it will compel the enemy troops to go around the walls to destroy the buildings and your defensive buildings will eliminate the attacking troops.


7) Giant Bomb is very important.

Strategies To Save Trophies In COC Builder Base

Try to place it in a strategic position where it will cause maximum damage to the enemy troops. Usually, in 1 tiles distance from the builder hall or your main defensive building will be a good idea.




These techniques can be effective if you use them correctly and the best way to do it to keep testing. Always review your enemy attacks and check where you are making the mistakes and rectify it.

If you want to be successful you have to be adaptable, adjust your base to rectify your weakness. Eventually, you will master these techniques, and this will help you save trophies in builder base.

Please let me know what you think about these defensive strategies and also share your defensive strategies to win builder base battles in the comment section.


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