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Clash Royale has become the viral game, and people love the game. The Supercell has already released the update in August, but Supercell is all set to release the new update in October 2017.

In August update, Supercell added the 4 new cards the canon cart, mega knight, Flying machine (balloon canon) and Skeleton Barrel. With the Update Supercell also bring back the 2v2 feature which people was missing.

With the update Supercell also gave 2 Free Magical chests to every player.

What’s next in Clash Royale October 2017 Update??

There is a lot of speculations and Rumors about the October Clash Royale update, but there are some official hints about the new update and some guess. So let’s start

1) There is the High probability that Supercell will add the daily tasks feature in the Clash Royale, which will allow the users to get the more coins.

2) There is confirmation by the official sources that Supercell is working on a cool new game mode.There are rumors that Supercell will add the water Arena or something similar to the Water but we can’t confirm after all it is a rumor, but there will be a New Game mode. With the water arena, there is the possibility of adding some special cards for this game mode.

3) The 2v2 game mode is back but for how long? There are rumors that 2v2 will be permanent but there will be no 2v2 leaderboard as the official said that Supercell wants to make the 2v2 stress free and adding leaderboard will anxiety to the players, so they want to keep it simple, and we agree with them.

4) Rumors are that Supercell will bring some more Rarity, where troops with even higher rarity than legendary will be introduced.

5) Clan kicking will be regularized. Rumor is the Supercell is adding the feature, where the leader, co-leaders, and elders will have to mention the reason for kicking the player.

6) Supercell will bring the new Cards for the game, there are 4 news cards introduced in August 2017 update, but Supercell will probably add more cards with the new updates.

7) As Christmas is close, there are rumors that Supercell will add some Christmas challenges.





These are some official confirmations, but most of them are rumors and leaks. As Supercell doesn’t leak any of updates so we can’t confirm, but there are some official confirmations in the Q/A session where few things were confirmed by the Supercell staff.

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