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Clash Royale is fermium strategy mobile game by Super Cell. It is one of the most popular games out there.

Clash Royale last update was in March 2017, and we can confirm that new update is coming in the early August – October 2017 with a lot of new features and Clash Royale Cards.

There are reports that four new Cards will come with an update and I will share Card ideas about Clash Royale upcoming cards.

Clash Royale new cards August 2017 will be a surprise as no one know what the Actual cards will be, so we will share what cards Clash Royale can bring to make this game more enjoyable.


1) Remember the Air Sweeper from the Clash of Clans; The Sweeper card can be a plus to the game play of Clash Royale.

It will cost three elixirs and work defensively against the air troops as in our last blogs we discussed how the tower is not effective against the air troops so this card can balance that weakness and would be an exciting addition to the Clash Royale.


2) Gladiator- Rare card

Two heavily armed brothers with a bond. With excessive health and movement speed. Their speciality will be when one brother dies other will get enraged, and with Additional 4 Elixir, it will cause extensive damage to opponent troops and defensive buildings.


3) Stalker- Rare Card

Stalker will be able to attack enemy troops from range with Daggers. Once the troops come close, the stalker will take out the troops with her Sword Chop. Chop. This card will cost five elixirs.


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4) Titan – Epic Card

Titan will be a slow yet durable troop, made of magma. She will have excessive damage abilities, and she will target the buildings.


5) Shock Launcher-Epic Card

clash royale upcoming cards
Source Reddit

If you have played the Boom Beach which was also developed by Super Cell and it is also a viral game. In Boom Beach, there is a defensive weapon Shock launcher which fires shock bombs and stuns the enemy troops for few seconds where they fall.

This card can enhance the game play, and it would be trendy. It will cost 4 Elixir.


6) Fake Goblin Barrel

clash royale upcoming cards
Source Reddit

Common Card. It will be like Goblin Barrel except without the goblins with the explosive instead. With this card, you can play some serious mind games with your opponent.

It will cost 1 Elixir.


7) Confusion Spell

clash royale upcoming cards
Source Reddit

Epic card. The enemy has come close to your buildings it’s time to use the confusion spell. It will make troops to attack the nearest troop. Friend or Foe? It Doesn’t matter.

This card can be super awesome if added but it will cost you 9 Elixir.


8) Anti-Royal Giant

Legendary. Every player who doesn’t like The Royal Giant would love this card. This card will replace the Royal giant card in your opponent’s deck and will replace it with a random card.


9) Minion Portal

clash royale upcoming cards
Source Reddit

Legendary, it will be a Legendary card which will teleport two minions every 4 seconds from the minion realm to the arena. It can only be placed on your side of the battlefield.

It will be a fascinating addition to the clash Royale upcoming Cards.


Source – Reddit




I am really looking forward to play with these cards however nothing is 100% confirmed whether if they will add all these cards and if so then when?  I have gathered all the info from reddit if you visit their page you can find alot of information on this topic and new card ideas.

You will hear many leaks and possible updates in the coming few weeks and i will keep you guys updated when i hear something new and exciting is coming.

Please let me know what you think about these Card ideas in the comment Section and please check our post about Clash Royale best and worst cards 2017.



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