Clash Of Clans 9.105.9 Private Server By Gobelinland APK


Clash Of Clans 9.105.9 Private Server By Gobelinland APK


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Read this if you can't find the link or download the APK


Gobelinland just recently released their Clash of Clans private server which is based on the version 9.105.5 builder base. I am not sure if they had a COC private server before.

They have a really cool Clash Royale Private Server that i have previously already shared with you. According to their website there are chances of Hay Day and Boom Beach to be released anytime soon though i am not exactly sure when.

You can find more information on their official website


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About This Private Server

Currently this Clash of Clans private server is Closed so you won’t be able to play on it until they open the server, this happened before with Clash Royale as well when they had closed the server after releasing the latest version.

However the server was open after a week or so. 

I cannot tell much about this private server at the moment but one thing is for sure that we will have the builder base with unlimited resources.

Apart from that i cannot tell you what other features it may have.

You can still download the game from the link provided below the Installation process and wait for the server to open and anyways i will let you know once it’s open on this post and as well as on my Facebook Page.



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1: Download the APK from the link provided below

2: Install and enjoy!


(Server currently Closed)

Download COC Gobelinland 9.105.9 APK



If you run into any connection errors or login errors all you can do is simply close the game and try again after like 30 mins.

Do not bother to clear data etc as it won’t help,you will just lose your saved game in many cases. Normally the problem is always on the server side as sometimes it cannot handle more players.

And sometimes the server goes down for maintenance or gets restarted after a specific period of time.

So just try again later if you run into any issues.





Recently Gobelinland changed their website and they seem to be working on Boom Beach Private server which i am very excited about.

I am not sure when they are going to release it but i am hoping it’s soon as there no any other Boom Beach private servers around at the moment, not that i know of.

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