Best Tips and Tricks for Clash of the Clan Builder Base [Beginners]


Best Tips and Tricks for Clash of the Clan Builder Base [Beginners]


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Famous video game clash of clans has witnessed an update. Gaming enthusiasts have got Clash of Clans Builder Base version of their favorite game.

The update has also changed the tricks for winning the game. In order to win the game, you need to be familiar with a new set of the clash of clans tricks Builder Base version.

Interestingly, there are new tools, equipment, features and characters in the game, that have made it fun to play.

Before you know how to conquer this game with the new clash of clans tips, let’s first go through to what are new updates.

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Clash of Clans Builder Base

Builder Base version has given the players and edge to enjoy the game with enhanced tools.

In fact, mechanics of the game have undergone a complete transformation. Builder Base has got new troops, gem mine, hero, a new village, night mode of game, and option of surviving even after the attack by the troops.

Luckily, the classic mode of the game, with which players were addicted to, has gone nowhere. Builder Base is independent of resources. Further, there is no sharing of resources as well.


Apart from tools, Builder Base version has offered many other benefits as well. For example, the new base is no more vulnerable to attacks when a player is offline. In the same way, one can’t get collectors and minors from other player’s base as well.

Another advantage that Clash of Clans Builder Base offers is by going on the Versus Battle mode. Here, the player gets more resources upon winning, but doesn’t lose anything upon defeat.

Hence, going on Battle is more fearless versions. One can say that choosing for battle mode is just one of the clash of clans tricks to win battles.

Clash Of Clans Tips For Beginners

Here are few of elaborate and more in detail clash and clan tips for beginners builder base.

1: Place Your Cannon in the Center

Here comes a relatively defensive strategy to win the game. In Clash of Clan Builder Base version, putting your cannon in the center of a building puts you in the safe zone.

Also make sure that there are other builders in the surrounding of your cannons; this is indeed one of the Best coc strategies.

Attackers would come up with Barbarians and Archers that would be easy for the centralized cannon to deal with.

2: Use cloaked archers to target the cannons

Make use of four cloaked archers to get the cannons of your opponents. Most of the early opponents keep their cannons along the corners of their building walls.

Well, accessing cloaked archers for you is just like another trick. First, you need an upgradation to army camps, barracks and troops.

Here is a need to exercise great level of care. While you choose for upgrading army camp, you have to halt the upgradation of all of your 3 defenses.

The reason, is that your opponent would also have upgraded defenses. In this way, both of you would be standing at the same level.

3: Clash of Clan Tricks to win battles

As mentioned at the start, it is necessary to understand the Base layout before moving further with winning strategies.

When, it comes to Builder Base, then the very basic thing to understand about is the Versus Battle, an essential feature of the game. Luckily, Battle is aimed at making you collect more resources and you don’t lose anything.

Further, there is no cost for creating new troops and battles.

The best tip one should use is learning to take advantage of resources. You can use all your resources for upgradation of troops and bases; it would be a wise approach.

Keep in mind that too much winning is not the only thing that can guarantee you a collection of resources. In fact 3 wins per day stop resources accumulation. More than 3 wins, means just getting trophies.

4: Master Builder Hero

Best part of the clash of clans builder base is the master builder hero; it acts as your right hand and doubles the power of your cannon by visiting your home.

In Builder Base version, one of the best clash of clans tricks to win battles is the upgradation of troops; it helps to unlock their abilities and have a strong defense line.





Following these simple tips and tricks can really help you increase your trophies and rankings. Also having a strong base layout is a crucial key to increase your trophies as not many will be able to defeat you.

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