Best Strategies To Win Clash Of Clans Battles

Clash of Clan is a fantastic game, and thousands of players play it every day. Multiplayer battles in Town hall and versus battles in Builder base are an important part of it with clan wars.



Everyone wants to win it, but they lack in the preparing an effective strategy and choosing the right troops. I will tell you how to win battles in a clash of clans.


For Town hall



“GiwaBarch” formation is very cost friendly, and it is very effective to win the multiplayer battles at 1-6 town hall, and for higher town halls it is good for farming.

The strategy is to release 2 barbarians in the start to lure the troops out of clan castle and eliminate them. Then to start the 2 more barbarians to clear the way for our wall breaker to break the walls.

Then you will release the giants with barbarians and archers to support. This formation will work to get you at least 2 stars if you correctly follow the steps. Using healing spell will be a huge plus.



This formation is very effective as the roles of every troop is well defined. Wizards, Wall breakers, Pekkas and 2 barbarians are part of the formation.

The strategy is to lure the troops out of clan castle with barbarians and then eliminate them. The release the Pekkas with wizards and wall breakers. Please follow the order of releasing troops as pekkas are little slow.

Pekkas will take the hits while breakers will break the walls and wizards will destroy the buildings.


For Builder Hall


Barch coc strategy

“Barch” is the standard formation and effective for all stages. Barbarians and archers are perfect for builder base. Before releasing the full attack always check for the traps by releasing 2 barbarians.

Always aim to destroy the maximum base and town hall. So release surgically so that your troops should reach the town hall and destroy it.



“GiArch” is the best formation if you go with the technical deployment. Releasing giants at two different sides with archers to support them. This strategy is very effective if you use it with planning.



Battle machine is powerful and if you have unlocked the Battle machine use it. You can use with Archers to support it. You can also add some air support to make it more effective.

If the air defense of the opponent is strong, then go with archers and battle machine only.




These are the Best strategies to win the clash of clan battles. Let me know what you think about these strategies in the comment section and also tell me what strategies you use to win the battles.


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