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Download Lucky Patcher LATEST APK 7.4.6

Lucky Patcher

Note: Lucky Patcher also works on non-rooted devices to get free in-app purchases for some games and apps.

Android platform is one of the most popular operating systems in the world with more than 2 billion active users. There are many features which Android offers but the main feature that it is open, unlike apple close ecosystem. Android users have the perk of manipulating their system in their own way and Lucky Patcher APK help them in achieving this goal.

What is Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher Latest APK is an Android tool which can help you achieve the pure android experience. It comes with many useful features which can help you the full benefit of using Android. Lucky Patcher allow you to remove the annoying Ads from the Android applications and it can also help you unlock the premium version of the application you are using. It can also remove the unnecessary Google applications from your system which is otherwise not possible as you normally can’t delete the system applications from your smartphone.

How does Lucky Patcher work?

Lucky Patcher is an amazing application which has the ability to run on both rooted and non-rooted devices which is a very unique feature itself as you normally need to root the device to use such applications. Lucky Patcher allow the users to have both rooted and un-rooted version however non-rooted app come with the limited features

However, if you want to enjoy all features of Lucky Patcher, you should install it on the rooted device. You can use the KingRoot application which allows you to root your smartphone without using the PC and it also supports the maximum number of devices.

How To Get Free In-App Purchases Using Lucky Patcher. Video Tutorial

Is Lucky Patcher safe to use?

Yes, Lucky Patcher APK is completely safe to use and its developers regularly update the application to make it secure and bug-free. Overall, Lucky Patcher is very smooth and safe.

Salient Features of Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher comes with many useful features which can help you achieve a clean yet useful user experience. Following are some of the prominent features of Lucky Patcher

  • Free to install and use: Lucky Patcher is a free application and it comes with loads of features which are not easy to get.
  • Lucky Patcherhasa very clean user interface which is easy to use and it comes with a black background which is easy on eyes.
  • Lucky Patcher can also be used to back up your application to the SD card, this feature is extremely useful especially when you are using the “modify app” feature as even if your plan doesn’t go well, you can always re-install the application.
  • Bypass license verification is another useful feature of Lucky Patcher which allows you to manipulate the license verification system and you can use the premium version of the application using this feature. This feature is very handy and easy to use.
  • Lucky Patcher also comes with the “Modify App” feature which you can use to modify your favorite applications. You also get the load of new options which you can put in your new applications.
  • Lucky Patcher also allows you to remove the annoying Ads from your application. This feature is also very handy and it is useful when you download the app which shows the Ads every minute.
  • Lucky Patcher also allows its users to buy unlimited in-App purchases of any application including the most popular games. In games we usually stuck at a difficult level and sometimes the easiest way to bypass that level is using your real-world money and here comes the Lucky Patcher which allows you to buy premium features without using the real-world
  • Lucky Patcher also helps you improve your privacy and security of your system by restricting the activities of your system.

How to Install Lucky Patcher on your devices

Lucky Patcher LATEST APK

Lucky Patcher APK Latest Version can be installed on the non-rooted devices as well as rooted devices. If your device is not rooted you can root it using the KingRoot application. Which comes with simple instructions to follow. Once your device is rooted you can follow these steps to install the Lucky Patcher application.

  • Go to the Lucky Patcher website and download the Apk
  • Install the Apk file from the downloaded section and proceed.
  • Allow the smartphone to install the applications from unknown sources.
  • Wait for a few seconds and it’s done.

In the application, you will find the color code in your application which will indicate the compatibility of Lucky Patcher when doing certain functions.

  • Green Color indicates that it can be registered and it is disconnected from the Google Play Store.
  • Yellow color indicates that it has a specific patch available.
  • Blue Color indicates that it includes it include the Google Ads.
  • Purple indicates the system startup app.
  • Orange color indicates that it is a system app.
  • Red color indicates that it can’t be modified.

Even if your device isn’t rooted, you can still use the Lucky Patcher application but its functionality will be limited.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to Install
  • Comes with tons of useful options
  • It can remove Annoying Ads
  • Secure and Smooth


  • You will have to root your device to enjoy the full functionalities, which can void your warranty.
  • Lucky Patcher allow you to install the applications from unknown sources and you can misguidedly install the malware or virus from the website which can result in bad user experience.

Lucky Patcher APK Latest Version is an amazing app which allows you to enjoy the seamless Android experience without any restrictions. Overall, it is secure, useful and free.

Mod Includes: Allows you to mod Apps and Games

You can use it to get free in-app purchases on devices that are not rooted. OR MANY OTHER THINGS

App Version: 7.4.6

PlayStore Link: NA

Credits: Lucky Patcher

Installs: NA

How To Install: Download the apk from the link below, install it and play

Download Lucky Patcher Latest APK NO ROOT


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