Would you like to mod Android Games or change App components?

Well today i am going to share with you guys 5 Apps To Mod Android Apps And Games.  With the help of these Apps you will be able to change Game data or App components such as background pics, audio or give yourself unlimited coins in a particular game etc.

These Apps are solely made for educational purposes. It is not allowed to modify any Game or App unless you have the permission of the developer or unless it’s your own.

If this game is outdated, please comment below & let me know so i can update
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Not all Apps will be available on the PlayStore, if it isn’t, i will leave a download link to it.

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So here are 5 Apps To Mod Android Apps And Games


1: Game Guardian

apps to mod android games

Game Guardian is one the most known tools out there for Android devices that let’s you change game data. With Game Guardian you can modify game’s coins, high score, gems and much more.

You do require root access for this app to work so make sure your device is rooted before you install the app.



2: APK Editor

android apps to mod apps

APK Editor is a fantastic App that lets you any Apps components. With APK Editor you can easily change App icon, App name, App background pic, App tones and much much more.

If you have a good understanding of Android development you can completely redesign the App with a little tweaking.

android apps to mod apps and games




3: Xmod Games

apps to mod android games

Xmod Games is a popular Android tool that already has mod built for you for various kinds of popular games even those which are server sided. Xmod game is very easy to use as it lists all the games that are already installed on your device and which have a mod to it.

Then all you have to do is install the mod and launch the game. You do need a rooted Android device for this to work.



4: SB Game Hacker

SB Game Hacker is another great tool which is similar to Game Guardian that lets you modify game data to give yourself unlimited health, coins, ammos etc. You can also remove those annoying ads and also be able to bypass licence verification.



5: Cheat Engine

mod android games

Cheat is an amazing tool that lets you mod Android games. With this app you can modify almost any games and get unlimited golds, coins, gems, tokens etc. You can do alot of other things using Cheat Engine.  The app is also open source which means that you can still make your own modifications to suit your needs but that would require some programming knowledge.






All these games enable you to modify App or Game data to your liking however you should not expect this to work on all games specially the server sided games as they are not vulnerable to this. But other than that you can even test on your own Game if you want to see if it is possible to modify gems etc.

I hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below. Thank You



I love discovering new games to share on this blog. Other than that I am a big fan of Android and love to learn new things about it. Also, I love testing MODS.

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