About Us


Hello and Thank you for taking your precious time to read our official TomzPot’s About Page.


My name is amar and i am going to share a little background of how tomzpot started.

TomzPot started back in September of 2016 but at that time the blog was running on a sub-domain but i soon realized that it was not worth it at all (If you are a new blogger or want to start a blog please always get yourself a top level domain) i then got myself a top level domain which is tomzpot.com

Since then i had built my very own website using html,css and javascript but handling the site was a hectic as i am naive when it comes to Mysql and handling the database.

So my choice was to move to wordpress though moving to wordpress did affect my overall SEO but eventually things got even better as WordPress is easy to use and handles all the complicated stuff for you automatically.

Before i mainly use to right about tech tutorials and share Android games but my love for Clash Of Clans and Clash Royale helped me take my blog to the next level.

Since then i have been writing about Supercell games sharing each and every strategies, tricks and tips to help you better perform and progress in the game.

Tomzpot grew massively and now tomzpot has over 500k visits each with over 1 million page views. Now the blog also has some of the great Clash Of Clans and Clash Royale enthusiasts contributors who share their knowledge and ways to be better at clash of clans and clash royale.

We strive to give you better and better content with time. Thank you everyone for visiting tomzpot 🙂