How To Send Android Apps And Games On WhatsApp [Android]

Whats’s Up Everyone!

I am back again to show you guys how to send Android Apps and Games on WhatsApp.  This post is only for Android users.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging App that we use in this generation. Almost everyone downloads it first when they get a new phone. So i don’t think i need to give you any introduction about it.



WhatsApp never allowed us to send any documents back then but like an year ago it rolled out an update which allowed us to send PDF files, Text files, Excel Documents, Word Documents etc.

But still it obviously does not allow us to send Android Apps and Games but this post is mainly written to show you guys how to do that.

The process is very simple and easy to do, all you need is a file manager and the App or Game that you want to send through WhatsApp.




1: Download any file manager, i use Root Explorer but you can use any file manager that allows you to rename the extension of the file. ES File Explorer is also good.

2: Download the APK file and then navigate to the folder where the APK file is located. In my case it’s in the downloads folder and the APK that i am using is Root Dim.

3: Now simple rename the APK from appname.apk to appname.txt , You notice the APK file will change into a txt file

4: Now all file managers have an option to either send the file or share the file, long press on the file and share it on WhatsApp and choose the person whom you want to send the APK file.

5: Notice now i sent the APK file to my friend and it went successfully.


Once your friend receives the APK file, all he/she has to do is download the file and rename the file back from  appname.txt to appname.apk and install it.

The file should be located inside the WhatsApp folder. WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Documents




With this method you can easily send any Android App or Game on WhatsApp from your Android device. I am not sure about those huge 1GB games and others which can give you errors when renaming them and installing. Just incase if you rename it and try to install and it says App Not Installed then use and app called zip signer from the playstore and sign the APK file.

If you have any questions or got stuck anywhere then please do let me know in the comments below. I normally reply within 24 hours. Thank you for stopping by and taking your precious time to read my post, i hope it helped you in some way.




I love to discover new Apps,Games and other tricks and tips for Android devices and have always been passionate about writing blog post on my own blog website.

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