How To Check Website Traffic Of Other Websites


How To Check Website Traffic Of Other Websites



Many of us i am sure would like to know how much traffic a specific website is getting but there are not many free tools online that could tell us that.

Yesterday i came across a website that gave me quite satisfying results and statistic on how much traffic traffic a website was getting.

I searched my own website to see how accurate the results where and i was quite impressed.


The website is called

Just sign up for it it’s free ,you can even view the traffic source without signing up but signing up provides you with additional insights.



Once you sign up or if you just decide not to sign up and search for me, just enter the website name on the search bar and wait for it to show you the results.


There are more features than just checking the traffic numbers. You can also check the Visits Over Time


And as well as the geographical location of their audience.


But that is not the only statistic you can view, if you scroll down abit further, you will be able to view the marketing mix of the website meaning where is the traffic coming from such as organic search, social medias, direct traffic, mails etc.



If there are many sites that are referring to that website than you will have the information given to you which sites are referring to the site that you have searched for.


Also you will be able to see the search overview and what keywords brings them the most traffic. In short which keywords they are ranking for.


There are lots of other reports that it can provide you such as outgoing links, social traffic etc.





If you are curious on how much traffic a website is receiving the best free method is probably this website. It gives you alot of information for free.

If a website has connected their Google Analytics with it then you will be able to get more details about it.



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