How To Make Money On Instagram FAST [June 2017]

Hello there are you looking for ways to make money on Instagram?

Well today i will show you How To Make Money On Instagram Easily and Fast. Instagram is popular social networking platform where you can share your photos and creativity with the world.

But just like any other social networking site, you can also use Instagram to make a decent amount of money to pay for your daily needs or even make a living off from it, if you get lucky.


Instagram daily active users have been increasing rapidly after 2012 right when Mark Zuckerberg bought Instagram for $1 billion.With over 500+ million users in 2016 it sure is a great source for you to earn money and get more exposure to your business,product or services.



How To Make Money On Instagram.

The methods that i am going to share with you will not only work in 2017 but it will be effective even when it is 2020 or 2025 so if you follow these methods today you will be able to make some good money within few weeks and hopefully good amount of money in few years.


Now it does not matter if you have 100 followers on Instagram or 10k (but the more the better) you can still make money on Instagram. It all depends on how much effort you put into it and how much time you are willing to spend.

All these methods require more eyeballs to your Instagram account which i am going to talk about “how to get more eyeballs on your Instagram” at the bottom of this post.

Let’s talk about the methods you can use to earn money from Instagram

1: Sell Your Photos

Instagram is popular for it’s main feature which is to share your lovely moments with your family and friends but if you are a professional photographer, you can actually start selling your photos to random people, agencies and journalists.

That way you can earn quite good amount of money in no time. You can use services like Foap , Dreamstime to sell your photos where you will leave a link on your Instagram bio with a small appealing description that will take users to your account to purchase photos.


2: Sell Your Own Products Or Service

Selling your own products or services is another great way to earn not only from Instagram but on the internet in general.

You can use your Instagram account as a method of promoting your own products or services to your followers and others who may be interested in it.

This could lead to huge sales as if your products or services provides value to the users. You might get lucky into turning your followers into customers.


3: Sponsored Posts

You can find Sponsors whose product you will advertise on your Instagram account. You can promote a particular product that goes with the pictures you post on your Instagram account and earn a little money from it.

Sponsors pay from $50 dollars to $300 depending on how your follower base is and how much engagement you get on your pictures.

But don’t promote products that are completely different from your niche, Let’s say you post alot of fashion pics so you don’t want to promote technology products such as gadgets, it won’t relate and you may lose followers.

You can reach out to companies in your same niche and ask them whether they are interested in having their product promoted on your Account, if they reply with a positive feedback then bingo.

But don’t just promote any product ,make sure it is good and your followers would buy it and more importantly promote products that you would personally also buy if someone else had promoted them either by their affiliate link or manually going and buying it.


4: Affiliate Marketing

This is the most effective way to earn money on Instagram and to be honest many many Instagram users use this method to earn money on Instagram.

Affiliate is basically selling someone’s product and on each sell you make you receive a commission from it.

But it is not only about products you can even sell services such as: web hosting etc.

There are plenty of Affiliate marketing programs on the internet today such as: Amazon, Clickbank, Gearbeast, Rakuten.

I personally use Amazon and promote their products, however you can use any that you want. All you have to do is find is:

  • Find a good product in your Niche
  • Check it’s reviews and videos on YouTube
  • Do a research on that product to find all his pros and cons and what the users have to say who bought it

After you gather enough information about that product, grab a picture of it from Amazon or any other affiliate program you are using and post it on Instagram and leave a well written description below. Also use hashtags on it related to the product.

If you are promoting a power bank then your hashtags should be #powerbank, #smartphone, #android, #iphone etc


Because Instagram does not allow you to place links on your posts, you can leave the link in your Bio and ask users if they are interested in the product the link will be given in your bio.


If you are popular on Instagram you can earn alot of money from Affiliate Marketing as it is a very powerful way to make money on Instagram.


Alright Alright but how do we get more eyeballs on our Instagram post or Instagram Account?

I am going to share with you my personal method that i use to get more people to click on my Instagram username and check out my Instagram Account and photos.

Normally what i do to get people to visit my Instagram account is to either like their photos or follow them now this can be done manually or automatically.


If you are just starting out you will probably want to do it manually as the automatic methods require few bucks but if you can afford it then it’s great.

But the way to do it manually is let’s say you have an Instagram account where you post only about Android or IOS now if you promote an Android or IOS gadget, you need to go their hashtag and like everyone’s picture or maybe follow them or comment.

This way you can actually attract users to visit your profile because they are curious who liked their picture of followed them on Instagram. That is the manual way to get more people to visit your Instagram account.


Automatic Way

There are many services on the internet which can auto-like ,auto-follow, auto-comment and even auto-direct message for you ,a simple google search can show you some reliable ones.

If you are an Android user you can use an App called followers assistant which can automate stuff for you.


This way you can get unlimited number of users visiting your Instagram account and checking out your photos each day which leads to more sales=more money.





These days social media platforms are an incredible powerful way to give your business or products a huge exposure whether it is promoting it using Facebook or Instagram chances are in the long term you may end up building a loyal community that will be interested in what you have to offer.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post and hopefully found some useful tips on how you can make money from Instagram.

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


I love to discover new Apps,Games and other tricks and tips for Android devices and have always been passionate about writing blog post on my own blog website.

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