Truth About Blogging! For Beginners

Hello Everyone!

I really wanted to talk on this topic today and let you guys know the truth about blogging mainly for beginners who want to start their own blog.

Many times people often say blogging is the best way to earn money or blogging is an easy way to earn money online at home.

Yes blogging is fun and if you succeed in it you can make alot of money online easily but lets get abit deeper into the world of blogging.


When i started my blog back in November 2016 i thought blogging was to just write quality content and publish it everyday and every other beginner would think the same but there are many factors that you should consider apart from just writing quality content. 


Often people only tell you the good side of blogging which are:

  1. Easy money if you go big
  2. Freedom of working
  3. You are your own boss and many more..

But in reality you don’t just need to worry about posting content everyday but also keep an eye of how you rank on Google, Your on-page and off-page SEO, whether your pages are indexed correctly, whether you have any critical crawl errors, create a proper robots.txt file, spam links, malware and viruses etc.


I never knew about all those when i started blogging as i said i thought it was all about just posting content but every blogger will eventually face all these issues at some point in his blogging career and if you do, you need to know how to fix all them though i hope none of you have to face it.



Things To Do Right After Creating A Brand New Blog

1: First and for most you need to create a Google Webmaster account an submit a sitemap.xml of your blog to Google so it’s spiders can crawl your blog as soon as possible to make them aware of your site and what content it has and is about.

You can auto generate a sitemap of your site from this site and upload it to the root directory of your website, alternative if you are on WordPress you can use plugins like Yoast SEO  to generate a sitemap.

2: It’s very important that you create a robots.txt file and allow what part of your website you want allow to be crawled by Google and what not.

3: Make sure your blog falls under the Webmaster guidelines or else the algorithm updates will knock you down the search results like a stone.


Don’t Buy Links!!!

This is a huge mistake that even i made when i started my blog, i kept reading online you need to have alot of backlinks to rank higher on Google so i saw some promising gigs on fiverr that would give me like 100 or 200 backlinks for 5 bucks which i purchased and made the most retarded move in my life.

Once piece of advice i would give you is that never buy links as much promising as they seem they are never good, instead i would advice you that if you are just starting off then just focus on quality content and on-page SEO and you will rank better and people will notice your content and link to you naturally.

It is never true that you only rank if you have quality backlinks pointing to your site, having backlinks from high domain authorities can quick things up in terms of getting more exposure and organic traffic but even without them you can still rank on Google. Backlinks just make things much easier but natural and quality ones only not paid ones.


You may ask now what if someone then tries to demote your site by auto generating spammy backlinks or paid links in order to drop your rankings on Google. Google actually has a solution to that which is the disavow tool basically just find all the links that are pointing to your sites using tools within the webmaster or sites like Ahrefs or Majestic and create a list of sites that you think spam and save them as whateveryouwant.txt ,make sure each site is on a new line and submit it to Google using the disavow tool.

What will happen is that Google will basically just ignore all those sites that are listed in your txt file that you created but if possible you can contact the site owner and ask him politely to remove the link, its never a good idea though because you may have 1000s of links you really don’t have time to contact each one of them.





Not everyday will be Christmas in the world blogging, you may wake someday and realize you are no where to be found on Google search results, this happened to me recently and i am facing it right now as i am writing this post.

Above is a screenshot that i took of my search analytics on Webmaster.

The Green is line represents the position of how i rank on Google search results according to the different keywords.

→ The Blue line represents the clicks that were made on my post according to the position where i ranked and the keywords that i used.


At first glance you notice the sudden drop that came out of nowhere, this was when i was woke up and saw a drastic drop of traffic to my blog. You notice my position dropped suddenly which leaded to less clicks because less people could find my post.

This was a nightmare which i am going through right now as well, i was nowhere to be found on Google search results even if i typed the exact keyword of my post. I am not sure if this was a technical issue or what but after 3 days it starting picking up again and recently you see another drop in traffic and the position is picking up again.




You need to be aware of such cases that you may face from time to time in your blogging career, don’t give up if you see a sudden drop in traffic or not getting enough traffic.

If you are faced with a manual penalty from Google for violating their terms and condition then they will let you know when you log in to the Webmaster search console.

But algorithm penalties are silent and you won’t know about them, you will only notice sudden drops in organic traffic so you need to come back and dig in to the Webmaster search console to find out what is going on and you can also ask for help on the Webmaster forum where the experts can help you identify the issue.


But some common issues for a sudden drops are:

  • Your site got hacked
  • Your site is infected with a malware or virus
  • Your pages are not correctly indexed maybe you have blocked Google from crawling your site
  • Cloaking
  • Critical Crawl errors
  • Just a technical issue
  • Algorithm update
  • Penalties either manual or by the Algorithm

Some common things you can do before attempting to dig deep for the solution:

  • Try to do a site search of your website on google eg ,would be mine. See if your site is still indexed by google, if it returns no result then you are penalized by Google.
  • Try to use the Fetch as Google tool under crawl menu and try to fetch a page of your site and see if Google is able to fetch it or not
  • Check your Robots.txt file and see if it’s not stopping Google from crawling important data on your site like posts




I hope you got a grasp idea of the underlying issues that you may face when you will start blogging because i never knew about all this when i started, i thought “okay now i need to write content daily and publish it, thats it!! ” but there are many other things to keep in mind when blogging because someday you might just wake up with little to no traffic coming to your blog out of no where ,i hope you never do but this post is to make you aware of all this.

Because even if it’s your blog there are still some rules you need to follow in order to rank better on Google. If you love blogging then don’t give up just keep doing it and eventually you will lift off.

I hope this post helped somehow and if you have any questions then do leave them in the comment section below and i will get back to you within 24 hours.




I love to discover new Apps,Games and other tricks and tips for Android devices and have always been passionate about writing blog post on my own blog website.

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