Important Thing To Consider When Choosing A Hosting Plan



Important Thing To Consider When Choosing A Hosting Plan [Beginners]



Whenever you are planning to start a new website or a blog, hosting is something that you should really keep in mind as it’s like the heart of your website or blog.

I am writing this post specially for beginners who are planning to start a new website or a blog as i think this is something important you should consider when choosing a web hosting plan.

In this post i am going to talk about web hosting plans and not web hosting providers.

In simple words A web hosting provider is someone who provides you with the hosting service where your blog or website will be running and hosting plan is an internet service on which your website will run in order to be accessible from the world wide web.


People usually go for the cheap or free web hosting plans when they are just starting out (ignore the free hosting plans they are just horrible and you will regret it) however there are reliable hosting providers that offer cheaper hosting plans which are most likely called as the starter plans.

They often cost anywhere between $2.95 o $5 per month.

I am not saying these hosting plans are bad, they are actually good if you are just starting out BUT if you are planning to work on a niche that you think might attract alot of visitors over time then you should think twice before getting the starter plan.



Let me explain

When i started out this website, i got the cheapest hosting plan from GoDaddy which was for around $2.95 per month which was great and worked just fine however as my traffic increase i received an email from GoDaddy saying that i am exceeding my resource limits.

Most of us get the shared hosting plan that’s why it’s cheaper but on a shared hosting plan the service providers server pages for multiple Websites. In simple words you share the resources from one server, so like one server shares the resources with other websites as well.


So if your website starts receiving more traffic, it’s going to start getting slower and probably go temporary down as it exceeded it’s resource limit and could not longer run on that server. i hope that makes sense.

I received an email from GoDaddy that i had to upgrade my hosting plan or add more resources to my existing hosting plan so i decided to just upgrade my hosting plan as the starter plan was no good for me anymore.


I upgraded my web hosting plan to the next better option which was the economy but i realized it could not handle more than 4000 visitors a day as looking at my Cpanel resources it showed my ram was hitting 413MB and my available ram is 512MB.

So just like how your mobile phone lags when it’s can’t support heavy gaming or heavy multi-tasking shared hosting plans work the same way, the more you use the resources the slower your site loads and lags and eventually goes down.


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If you are planning to work on a niche that you are sure that it’s going to receive more traffic over time then make sure you choose a better hosting plan because somewhere down the road if your website got a sudden spike of traffic or an increase of traffic then you really don’t want to have down times because you will lose hell lot of traffic plus money.



Big websites often have a dedicated server so that why they do not have to share any resources with any other website, but on the other hand that is also super expensive. If you are just starting out it’s okay to go with a shared hosting plan but just get a good plan that will handle more traffic.




Before choosing a web hosting plan make sure you get in touch with the customer support, many if not all have a 24/7 customer support so it’s better you ask them how much traffic will all those hosting plans be able to handle and go with the one which you think is in your budget.

You can always upgrade the hosting plan later but for me i think that was just hectic. If i knew this when i started out i would have just gone with a better hosting plan which i knew could handle large amount of traffic.


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