Clash Royale New Private Server New Cards (Legendary Royale)


Clash Royale New Private Server New Cards (Legendary Royale)


Clash Of Magic Private Server 9.256.20 APK November 2017
Null’s Royale 2.0.2 Private Server November 2017


TredoxModz made his own Clash Royale private server with custom made cards that you can use to play in the arena. This server is made by Tredoxmodz make sure you check out his YT channel.

This Clash Royale private server is based on Clash of Lights server so upon installing the game if it asks you to overwrite the files then do it or simply uninstall and install this one.



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About This Private Server

You will have unlimited resources on this private server with unlimited cards to upgrade them to their maximum level. As well as custom made cards.

There are no new troops or anything on this private server,only that the cards have been modified to do better things for example archery queen shoots rockets instead of arrows.

You should test it out for yourself to see what card has what abilities because many of them have been modified with different abilities and some of the cards upto 3 abilities at once which is epic.



1: Download the APK from the link below

2: Install and enjoy



Download Legendary Royale

Mirror – Dowload From Google Drive


This server does not have any connection issues as it connects to clash of lights servers so you won’t face any issues while running it however if the server receives too many players at once then you may face connection issues or 50% stuck.

If you face any issues then just close the app and try again later after 30 mins or so, it should work. If you face any other issue like the app not installing or anything then please comment down below.



Sorry about yesterday as i couldn’t give you the boom beach mod the game was updated after i published the post and most of the game use clash of lights to make their own custom server with cards.

I will try to find the updated version of it and publish it if i get it. Till then let me know your thoughts on this private server in the comments section below.


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