7 Android Games You Must Try in 2017


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Everyday many new games are released on the PlayStore and out of those 1000s of games its hard to find the good ones. So today i gather 7 Android games that you can install on your Android device and have fun playing them.


So here are 7 Android Games You Must Try 2017


1: Kill Shot Virus

Kill Shot Virus is an epic zombie shooter game for your Android device. A recent outbreak of deadly virus that was spread globally change the humanity into blood thirsty zombies, you are one of the few survivors, fight and survive the zombie apocalypse. With the HD graphics that this game has you will surely enjoy playing this game on your Android device. You will unlock many weapons in the game and fight in different locations.


2: Pirates of the Caribbean: ToW

The official Pirates of the Caribbean game has finally made its way to the PlayStore. In this epic strategy Android game you are the captain of your pirate haven in Pirates of the Caribbean. Build a powerful army of pirates and defeat your enemies and become the most powerful pirate captain of the Caribbean. You can create or join alliance and team up with other pirate captains around the world.



3: Big Hunter

Big Huner is an addicting Android game that you will want to play again and again. In this intensed Android game you will hunt various kinds of animals for your starving tribe. Hunt different animals from least stronger to strongest

You will get limited amount of spears so you should be careful with your aim, you need to make sure each spear dealt the most damage but just throwing spears wont do the job you will also need to protect yourself from it as it will be coming to attack you.


4: Heroes Infinity

Heroes Infinity is an epic RPG Android game with intense graphics and gameplay. Travel into the world of legendary heroes and begin your journey through different lands and cities, collect and build an epic team of heroes so that you can defeat any person that comes in your way.

You can even have a player vs player epic battle to see how strong your heroes are against other real players around the world.


5: Crash Club: Drive & Smash City

Crash Club is an addicting Android game where your job is to drive the car and CRASH the city and everyone that comes in your way. There are no races nor rules nor barriers, step on the gas and create a chaos in the city.

The best feature of this game is that it has a multiplayer online option, so you can play with players around the world in real time crash each other’s car. Weapons are including in order to deal more damage.

6: Battle Bay

Battle Bay is a fantastic real time battling Android game where you battle with players around the world in an arena on an uncharted sea. Choose a ship and add some powerful guns on it and step into the arena with other players and survive the war.

This Android game is actually a very fun game that you can play whenever you feel bored, with its soothing HD graphics it will surely give you a good user experience.


7: Moto Racing 2: Burning Asphalt

Get on your bike and ride it along the busy highway roads, avoid hitting the cars and specially cops. In this Android game you will experience the most realistic graphics which will give you a better gameplay experience.

You can have nitro to reach insane amount of speeds and can shop for better bikes and helmets. Each bike has unique controls and has specials moves.



So these where the 7 Android games that i wanted you to try and let me know in the comments below which ones you found them to be good and if you feel like i missed any good Android game that you already play then do comment below and let me know about it so i can add on my future posts.


Thank you for taking your time to read my post, i always appreciate and try to bring better content for you guys. I hope you found some good Android games today that would help you pass your time when you are bored.



I love to discover new Apps,Games and other tricks and tips for Android devices and have always been passionate about writing blog post on my own blog website.

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